Beat TV Addiction

Beat TV Addiction: The Ultimate Guide for How to Overcome TV Addiction

Did you know that an average person spends three to five hours a day sitting in front of their television? After a long day juggling between work, traffic, and social activities, lying down on your couch to watch a romantic comedy, a game or even the day’s news sounds like a good way to relax. The good thing about watching TV is that you can zone out all your other obligations for a couple of hours and just think about nothing. In this article, you will learn what exactly characterizes TV addiction, the downside of too much TV and of course ways to beat your TV addiction.

What is TV Addiction?

Addiction is defined as spending an unusually large amount of time using something until it affects your normal life and significantly affects your productivity. In other words, you shouldn’t spend more time watching TV than you spend working, socializing and being with family. One of the ways people can know they are addicted to their television is if they stop watching they feel irritable, anxious, and experience other emotional issues until they have to run back home to watch some more. TV addiction leads to an inability to make the right decisions for better lifestyles and all you want to do is sit and watch TV.

Ways to Beat Your TV Addiction

Fortunately, most TV addicts are aware that they are addicted and they make unsuccessful attempts to change. Acceptance is an important step to making the change needed and also the right decisions for a better lifestyle. There are two ways to beat your TV addiction; Cold turkey or gradual withdrawal. If too much TV is interfering with your normal life, here are a few steps that have actually worked for other people:

Give away your television set. Going cold turkey is a powerful way to get over any addiction but it’s not for the faint-hearted because the withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Selling or giving away your TV means you will not be tempted to switch it on and you have to find something else to do while at home.

Choose one or two programs. There must be that one thing you love to watch mostly because it makes you happy. Choose only that one or two programs and block out all the others. This will keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay but you need someone to keep you accountable.

Cut out most of the subscriptions. Apart from regular cable TV, there are very many subscriptions including Netflix, HBO, and many others that help you to stream anything you want to your TV. Cutting out all the subscriptions will limit your access and make the TV boring so you won’t want to watch too much.

Get busy. Idleness is a big reason why people get addicted to television in the first place. It makes sense that getting busy could be one of the best ways to beat TV addiction. Over and above your main job, try to do one or two extra things like taking a part-time course, going to the gym, taking up a hobby, or deciding to read a book per week. You will be too tired at the end of the day and the only thing you will want is to sleep instead of watching TV.

Why it’s so Important

Like any other addiction, TV addiction can completely ruin your life. It can cause you to lose your family or at least have a poor relationship with them. It can cost you your job and your productivity and most of all it can cause serious health and mental issues. It is therefore very important that one seeks help and begins the steps of beating the addiction as soon as possible.

Beating the addiction and making the right decisions for better lifestyles means you can have better relationships, have more money, and be healthier. You will be more productive and you can achieve all your goals not to mention get the required amount of sleep needed per day.

Side effects of too much TV Addiction

Side Effects of too Much TV Addiction

As stated above, too much TV is bad for your mental and physical health and for your life in general. Here are some of the serious side effects of TV addiction;

  • Depression
  • Back and neck pain
  • Obesity
  • Loss of energy
  • Lack of social life
  • Loss of money
  • Living in fantasy land
  • Irritability and anger
  • Health issues due to lack exercise and good nutrition

Right Decisions For Better Lifestyles

The secret to a healthy and wholesome lifestyle is making decisions on a daily basis to do things that are good for you. Such things include reading a book, spending quality time with your family, exercising daily, cooking a healthy meal, taking a new course, and taking up a hobby for fun, and making new friends. Doing these things daily will keep all the bad habits like watching too much TV from your life.

Bottom Line

Unlike drugs and sex addiction, television addiction is much easier to cure with the right help and commitment. It is very important to seek help from someone trustworthy or a professional who can guide you and keep you accountable in the path towards freedom. It starts with one day at a time and then one week and eventually you will have no desire to watch the TV or computer anymore.


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