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Best CBD Capsules and Pills: An Updated Review

The hype in the CBD market isn’t toning down any time soon. With researchers unearthing new health benefits every day, we can only predict that the CBD market will probably continue growing in the foreseeable future. And how does this happen given the unpleasant taste of CBD oil? Do people enjoy such a taste? If you have these questions in mind, you probably haven’t heard about CBD capsules and pills. These are excellent alternatives to CBD oil drops since they offer a more discrete way to add CBD to your routine without worrying about the taste. Are you looking to join the trail but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we did the heavy lifting, and you can start with our guide to the best CBD capsules and pills to buy in 2020.

What Are CBD Capsules and Pills?

Pills and capsules. That sounds like medicine. No, CBD capsules and pills are not anywhere close to prescription medicine, although they can help with different medical and wellness conditions. CBD pills consist mainly of CBD isolate and are usually solid tablets. On the other hand, CBD capsules can contain either full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil in liquid form but enclosed in a capsule cover. However, the term ‘CBD pills’ is often used to refer to both strains generally. CBD pills give you all the benefits you would expect with CBD oil, including aiding with pain and anxiety and improving the quality of sleep.

How to Take CBD Capsules?

The best CBD capsules offer the most discrete way to get an exact dosage seamlessly. Unlike CBD oil drops that you have to count and sometimes shy away from using in public, pills and capsules are already popular among the people. Pop one or two pills and swallow as if its medicine. Additionally, each pill contains an exact amount of CBD, and you will not guess on how much you take.

As for the appropriate dosage, there is no daily recommended intake amount, but taking too much may not be suitable for your health in the long run. People react differently to CBD, and we recommend you do several trials to see what daily amount best works for you.

How Does It Work?

CBD capsules are ingested through the mouth and therefore go through the digestive system. It is through the digestive system that the body absorbs CBD oil capsules. Only a small percentage of CBD is effective in your body while the rest is used up and broken down through metabolism. Generally, the best CBD oil capsules and pills work just like CBD oil tinctures.

Some people fear that CBD capsules will make them high. However, this will not happen since CBD capsules contain less than 0.3% of THC, which cannot give you the ‘high’ feeling.

Best CBD Capsules and Pills

There is a large number of CBD manufacturers in the market. Similarly, the number of CBD pills and capsules is dizzying. Trying to select one of the products for a routine consumption may be difficult. We understand you want to see results and get value for your money. As such, this article brings you the best CBD capsules and pills with which you can start your CBD journey and get tangible results. However, you do not have to buy all of the products at the same time. You can try a few of them and decide which serves you right.


HealthWorxCBD capsules are available in different convenient strengths, and you can choose between full-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate strains. Unlike other products in the market, these capsules only contain beneficial ingredients and not a single additive. They contain MCT coconut oil, which improves the bioavailability of CBD in the body.


Each capsule contains 25 mg of active CBD and is made by a combination of MCT Coconut oil, Hemp CBD oil, and plant cellulose and starch.

Try The CBD

Based in Colorado, Try The CBD manufactures organic hemp CBD oil through the high standard CO2 extraction method. Their CBD capsules are highly rated and considered among the very best CBD pills in the market. The capsules are availed as either full-spectrum or CBD isolate strain.

Try the CBD 

The capsules contain 25 mg of active CBD and can be bought in different convenient count-bottles. TryTheCBD is also an excellent choice for pain or anxiety relief.


cbdMD offers you the best broad-spectrum CBD oil products in the market. They are also one of the widely known manufacturers of the best CBD capsules and pills. Their CBD oil capsules are available in concentrations ranging between 450 mg and 3000mg of active CBD. Besides CBD oil, the capsules also contain MCT coconut oil.


Further, the CBD oils are tested in ISO-certified facilities, and results made available online. Besides CBD oil, they also offer more specialized products, including the popular CBD capsules for pain and anxiety.

Balance CBD

Balance CBD produces high-quality CBD capsules and offers excellent customer support. They are a highly transparent brand with product ingredients printed neatly on the bottle and lab results made available for public scrutiny. Further, their CBD oils are extracted from US grown hemp through the safe CO2 extraction method. Balance CBD capsules have been listed among the best CBD capsules for pain on several occasions since the company’s inception.

Balance CBD

Any genuine shortlisting of best CBD pills that miss the balanced pills can as well be considered biased.


CBDistillery makes high-quality CBD capsules from non-GMO hemp oil extracted from stalks and stems of naturally raised hemp plants. The hemp oil is then blended with MCT coconut oil, which improves its uptake in the body and thus guaranteeing fast action.


CBDistillery capsules start absorbing into the bloodstream a few minutes after ingestion way faster than the average pills available in the market.

Purekana Natural

From CBD oil tinctures to CBD capsules, all products by Purekana contain all-natural ingredients and are usually ranked as top sellers. The CBD capsules contain 25 mg of active CBD and can be swallowed with a sip of water or milk. They are also blended with natural ingredients that promote general body health.

PureKana Natural

Additionally, Purekana prioritizes customer satisfaction and will always be there to assist if you have any questions.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlottes’s web is one of the most respected and highly rated CBD manufacturers. Their CBD capsules are a unique blend of hemp CBD oil and organic virgin olive oil. The capsule is specially made to protect the oil from oxidation and retain the integrity of the oil. The capsules contain liquid CBD oil, which is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, kosher, and allergen-free. You will find it easy to swallow the pills at any time of the day and even in public places.

charlotte’s web

Are CBD Capsules Safe?

WHO lists CBD as a safe product and a candidate for medical research? Research indicates CBD capsules do not have any severe side effects, and even the mild ones occur to few people. However, you should be aware of the drawbacks before starting consumption. The commonly reported side effects include dry mouth/cottonmouth occasioned by low saliva production, lightheadedness caused by a temporary decrease in blood pressure, and drowsiness (considered a side effect unless it is desirable to the user) diarrhea.

Additionally, CBD can interact with some forms of medications, thereby occasioning unexpected reactions. You should get advice from your doctor if you think CBD may cause adverse side effects.

Are CBD Capsules Legal?

The federal government legalized the controlled cultivation and processing of hemp across the states through the 2018 Farm Bill. This paved the way for advanced research into the health benefits of the natural compound and led to an exponential growth of the CBD industry.

CBD capsules derived from the hemp plant are legal to buy and use in all 50 states. However, CBD capsules derived from marijuana can only be purchased and used in states that have legalized recreational marijuana. You should check the label to ensure the CBD capsules you buy abide by the 0.3% maximum THC federal government regulation.

Where to Buy

 If you have looked around online stores like Amazon and eBay, you might have noticed they have limited stock of hemp products. So, where do you buy CBD capsules and pills? The various CBD manufacturers should be your sole source of the best CBD capsules. The case is so because other sellers may provide you with substandard capsules and sometimes products that do not contain CBD. All the items listed in this review are available for sale from the respective manufacturer’s website.

Bottom Line

CBD oil has vast health and wellness benefits for the human body. However, the natural hemp taste can bar some people from claiming these benefits. One plausible solution is to have the oil in your food or drink, but this may not be possible while you are not having meals or when you are traveling. The next best thing is the excellent solution provided in CBD capsules and pills. They offer a discrete way to swallow CBD without counting drops or dealing with a bad aftertaste.

However, buying CBD is not a walk in the park especially for beginners. For your safety, we recommend that you only buy from the manufacturer’s website and remember to read the label and lab reports.


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