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Best E-Book Reader Buying Guide: Prudent Features That Will Guide You

You may have come across many types of electronic readers, which famously stands as E-readers. The fact that e-readers are many makes it so hard for the beginners to understand which one is the best! How do you pick the best out of the many options that the market will offer? You need to pay attention to specific features that define every e-reader. Find out all you need to know about the best e-book reader that you can purchase online.

So, What is an E-Reader?

An e-reader is a device that will allow users to read contents like newspapers, documents, and e-books on the internet. The famous e-readers include Amazon’s Kindle and Sony reader. If you are dealing with a standalone e-reader, it will have wireless connectivity that will allow you to contact web tasks and also download contents.

Most e-readers will have touchscreen features with a virtual keyboard that will allow you to navigate and take notes. You will also like the LED light that makes it possible to read in conditions with dim light. Sony Reader is one of the oldest types of e-readers that you can find in the market. It has 512 MB memory, which is sufficient to read and store contents.

There are other types of e-reader. The common ones are logic’s e-reader. The e-reader often works for business. There are specific features that make it excel. The features include the support for Microsoft Office documents. You can also use mobile devices that can display text as e-readers as long as they can display text.

Choosing the E-Reader Which One is Right for You

Not all e-book readers available in the market are best for you! The way they will all promise to display text can be so enticing, and you may end up with something that will disappoint your expectations. To be on the safest side, you don’t need to only think about how it will display text, but rather focus on other vital features, including the battery life, portability, and the display screen.

Every e-reader does excel in almost all the features highlighted above. So, why then should I buy an expensive e-reader, yet they all pose the same benefits? Of course, it may be tempting to think that it won’t be necessary to acquire something at a higher cost, yet you can get it even at a lower price!

The truth is, every e-reader has its merits and demerits. First, your location is the first determinant of the type of e-reader that you will purchase. Some devices, like the Amazon Kindle DX, will only work in the regions around the USA. You may trick them by feeding in the USA billing address. However, it won’t take too long before they identify that. You will again embark on using a USB to transfer contents.

So, instead of anticipating these cases, you can opt for a USB-based connectivity reader that will cost a little lower than the Amazon Kindle DX. The Hanthe Foxit eSlick reader is the cheapest yet efficient option that will work well for people staying away from the US. Buy an e-reader that will suit the location you are in because most of these devices specify the countries they work in.

Secondly, you need to check how it will allow you to access the content. Here you will check the space that it provides. If the manufacturer can ink many deals with many publishers, you are sure that it will contain the book you are searching for. When you consider this feature, you will notice that the giant e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle excel here because they support many publishers. Of course, it is the second consideration that will make you decide to purchase an expensive e-reader again.

What Must You Consider When Buying the Best E-Reader? Here are the 11 Points for You.

Of course, you will need a guideline that will help you narrow down. When you do this, you get real insights about what matters when buying the best e-reader. The points are excellent when it comes to decision making.

The Size of the Device

There are many different types of e-readers with different sizes, but you need to be sure that you are getting something that exceeds six inches. Be sure to measure the screen size so that you get something that won’t strain you. The standard size is 3.54 inches by 4.72 inches.

The Screen Sizes

Sizes will vary depending on the size of the device. Ensure that the screen that your device has is moderate and will accord convenience readability. It is true that the larger the display, the better the readability, but again, it will depend on the resolution power of the screen that will be discussed in the next point.

Consider Screen Quality

Here, you will be dealing with the resolution power of the screen. For clarity and a good definition, you need something with high-resolution power, which is often measured in pixels. For the e-readers, it is measured in DPI, where the majority of the best e-readers are 300 dpi, which is the standard resolution for the e-reader screens.

Consider Screen Light

Still, it will be prudent to check the strength of the screen light. Notably, there were no screen lights on early e-readers. Screen light is the latest invention that has made it possible for e-readers to be used even at night. You will not need a separate light nearby to use an e-reader.

Notably, the modern-day e-readers will allow you to adjust the blue light in the readers so that you use that comfortable light that won’t disturb your partner at night. Unlike in the older e-readers, which needed manual adjusting, the modern-day will do this automatically.

Consider Performance Differences

Performances are yet something else that do vary when it comes to selecting the e-readers. The Best E-Book Reader will have high performance and will read the book efficiently without unnecessary disturbances. You may have noticed that some readers do have defects because of their low-performance power.

Some will power off or stop moving, and you will need to restart them again for them to function well. Ensure that you are getting something that will allow you great convenience while you are reading.



Page-turning is another prudent factor that you will want to consider when buying the Best E-Book Reader. How convenient does your reader turn to the next page? Does it take too long, or it turns once you press the button or turn using the touch feature?

Page-turning is a frequent operation that you will be doing very often. The process should be convenient lest you waste your time waiting for the page to refresh. You can check this from the customers’ comments site. You need to read the customer reviews and see how they feel about the e-readers they already have.

Connectivity vs. Cost

Now, connectivity is another feature that many people will overlook. It would be best to get the Best E-Book Reader that will easily connect to Wi-Fi and broadband connectivity. When you have an e-reader that efficiently connects, it means that you will be able to update faster, and you can restock it once you out of stock!

The cost is also an important consideration. Not all readers do come at the same price. Choose something that will grant you a cost-effective value.

Storage Capacity

Every e-reader has a specific storage capacity. The best e-reader tablet does have sufficient storage space. Notably, you will not be adding external storage to your e-reader because e-readers do have an external storage slot. Notably, when you are only dealing with books, a small storage capacity of only 4 GB can support over 5000 books!

In case you use audiobooks, you may need extra storage, and here you will use the kindle audiobook feature, which takes up more space.  The e-reader tablet stores the books in the cloud format, and therefore, it won’t be necessary to have all your books in the device storage.


Though the feature is unnecessary, it may still be vital for people who are fond of dropping their items in the swimming pool. If you are one of these people, then checkout for the waterproof feature in your e-reader tablet.

Battery Life and Charging

You need something that will grant you many weeks of reading! Yes, it is week’s ad, not hour here. The low power screen technology in e-readers make it possible to last for a long time. Though it may take quite too long to charge it, you will appreciate the fact that it will serve you for weeks.

User Experience

Finally, the 11 point that you will need to pay attention to is the user experience. First, your riser experience will depend on the resolution power of the e-reader tablet that you have. Best E-Book Reader will accord the best user experience. Get the best e-reader with the best user interface, which will simplify navigating the book. When you have a good user experience, you won’t need to ponder the e-reader vs. book idea because you will find the e-reader quite appealing than the bulky book.

The Bottom Line

So, which e-reader is right for me? Of course, you need an efficient e-reader regardless of the price. Therefore, you need to ensure that what you are purchasing fulfills all the requirements already provided for you. Level e-reading books could be appealing if you are love reading while resting.

Consider buying the Best E-Book Reader that receives the best customer reviews. If you need places where to buy an e-reader, you can check it from the best sellers such as Amazon and Sony.