Best Guidelines on Chromebooks for Entrepreneurs

Best Guidelines on Chromebooks for Entrepreneurs

Life for IT managers and employees have become pretty complicated, everybody juggles a fleet of different devices and operating systems all running on local applications and requiring endless patches and upgrades. All this complexity adds up to constant maintenance and less security, much higher costs and headache for users, Google realized that best technology solution would be to make the web the platform for all these applications so that they would simply work on any device running the browser so they created the best technology known as the Chromebooks.

Running the first operating system build and optimized for the web, Chromebook securely accesses all their data and apps on the web which means manual configuring, updating, patching, migrating data, and securing PC become a thing of the past making it the best technology. An entire fleet of the best technology (Chromebooks) is simple to manage and configure centrally through the web, once configured, users have the applications and settings they need as soon as they login where ever they are and since data and apps are not stored on the PC, a loss of computer won’t be a loss of vital company data.

Chromebooks are also more fundamentally secured than traditional PCs because they run in a sandbox environment that restricts viruses and malware from reaching the operating system and every time that the Chromebook starts, it runs a process called verified boot that ensures the operating system has not been tampered with or corrupted. Some of the best, of this best technology, are:

Google Pixel Book

The Google pixel book is a laptop with main rig specifications and premium design with a price to match. its build quality is excellent and super portable too, it is 10 millimeters thick and 2,4 pounds. The screen and hinges feel solid, the aluminum body cover is ridged and it stays firmly planted where you put it down whether it is on the table or on your lap due to the large rubber surface on the bottom. Specs-wise all configure pretty much well for web browsing and light productivity. Its intel core i5-7Y57 CPU gives it super multitasking speed. Also on board is an 8GB LPDDR3 RAM upgradable to 16GB with a clean 256 GB SSD internal storage. Apart from the google pixel book being among best technology gadgets, it comes with a price tag from $999.

Samsung Chromebook 3

Everybody loves to get a great deal, whether is on purchase as large as a house or something as small as a pair of shoes well all love getting more than what we pay for and Samsung is betting on this, but on its Samsung Chromebook 3, Samsung is attempting to deliver a device that is usable in pretty much every function and still maintaining a very low price point. but does it succeed? the short answer is Yes. With its low price of $169.99, marked down to $119 on black Friday the device delivers quite beyond expectations. With 1366 by 768 LED TN display, 4GB RAM, 12 hours of battery and a water-resistant keyboard, it is much of an online work laptop unless you can do 100% of your work online Samsung Chromebook is not intended for your work laptop but for what it is it can be a great secondary device for your home or office.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA

ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA is the solid machine that is worth considering if you are in for a quality, inexpensive laptop going for $469. Onboard, the Chromebook Flip is a 12.5-inch display, 2400 by 1350 screen resolution, touchscreen capabilities and as you would expect from its name, the chrome flip has a 360-degree hinge which works to convert the laptop into a tablet. It also has an intel core m3, 4GB RAM, and 64GB internal storage. If you are looking for a Chromebook that is nicer than most of its predecessors while keeping the price tag under $500 the ASUS Chromebook flip is a worthy choice.

Bottom Line

With Chromebooks, computers would be simple to manage, more secure, and easier for users to operate companies will also write fewer cheques for software licenses, complex hardware, and data recovery. IT will spend less time on tedious maintenance tasks making it the best technology ever.