Best Home Office Chairs: Choose Your Best One Wisely

Over the years, the idea of home offices has been on the rise. This has been particularly true due to the Covid-19 induced lockdown restrictions that affect most areas. Numerous benefits are associated with having a home office relative to the formal office space. These benefits include cost-cutting in terms of costs. Home offices are generally less expensive to maintain. The rentals are cheaper, and there are minimum utility bills. Also, working from home saves you time and gives you much-needed flexibility. You do not spend a lot of time traveling to and from work every day. A home office also implies that you can have flexible working hours. You can start as early as you want and knock off as late as you want also.

As a result, there can be more results when working from your home office than other arrangements. However, you will find that you will spend the better part of your day in your home office. Therefore, it is paramount that it be well-furnished to stay it is as comfortable as possible. One of the critical office furnishers is your chairs. Having the best home office chairs will improve your productivity in addition to your mental and physical health well-being.

An Overview of Home Office Chairs

The importance of having chairs as home office essentials cannot be underestimated. While several pieces of furniture make up an ideal home office, chairs are amongst the most important. It is because this where you will spend most of your time sitting. Therefore you must furnish your workstation with nothing but the best home office chairs. Several benefits come with choosing the perfect kind of chairs for your home office. These are briefly described below.

Improves Comfort

The importance of sitting in a comfortable position as you execute cannot be underestimated. It enhances your productivity as you will be in a state of relaxation, free from any musculoskeletal issues.

Enhance Posture

A good home office chair will enable you to work while you are in the correct sitting position. Having a great posture as you execute your daily tasks will help you eliminate the chances of developing back pain. The correct posture while working will also help you reduce neck problems as your neck will be adequately supported. Hips are another area of concern when it comes to posture. A good office chair will allow you to sit in a position that supports your hip bones.

Make Work Easier

An excellent home office chair will give you the much-needed flexibility that will make your work easier. It will allow you to do various office tasks while at your desk, without having to get out of your chair so that you reach for items. Such a chair will help you avoid strain! A good home office chair is an investment. No doubt, it will boost your productivity at work.

What to Consider for Picking an Office Chair for Your Home Office

One should consider several aspects before settling for a particular brand and model of a home office chair. These factors are discussed in detail below.

  • Height Adjustability

It is paramount that you obtain a chair whose height can be adjusted to suit you.

  • Adjustable Backrests

It is also vital that your home office chair has a backrest whose position can be adjusted to suit your task. You should be able to bring it forward or backward. It should also feature a locking mechanism that can hold in place to not tilt back when you sit on it.

  • Lumbar Support

You should consider the chair’s lumbar support when picking a chair for your home office. A contoured backrest on your chair will give you much-needed support and comfort. This is because your lower back should always be supported in a manner that is slightly arched. Such a posture will ensure that you do not slump as the day progresses. In fact, an excellent lower back or lumbar support minimizes compression or strain on your spine’s lumbar discs.

  • The Adequate Depth and Width

The importance of sufficient depth and width on your home office chair cannot be overstated. Your home office chair should be both deep and wide enough to allow you to sit comfortably on it. Generally, you should be able to sit with your back placed against the backrest and have around 2 to 4 inches between the back of your knees and the seat of the chair.

  • Material and Padding

The type of material and padding on your chair is one factor that determines the extent of comfort that it is. You must select a chair with material that allows your body to breathe. It is more comfortable when you intend to sit in your office for a prolonged period. The padding should also be comfortable. However, it should not lie on the extremes. It should neither be too soft nor too hard. This is because soft padding will not give adequate support, while a hard one might be painful after a few hours.

  • Adjustment Controls

The best home office chairs should feature easily adjustable controls. You should ensure that all the adjustment controls can be easily accessed from a comfortable position. You should be able to tilt, go lower, go higher, or swivel from a seated position.

  • Easy Mobility

No doubt, your home office chair should give you much-needed mobility. This is because office work can become hectic, and you might find yourself having to move from one point to another across your office for maximum efficiency. The chair should have casters suitable for your floor, be it a hard surface or carpet. The last thing you would want in your office is to get up from your chair every time there is something you need across the room.

Top 5 Chair For Your Home Office

1. IKEA Markus

The IKEA Markus definitely makes it onto any list that includes the best home office chairs. The dimensions of the chair measure 62 by 60 by 129 – 140cm. Its height ranges from 48-57cm for the minimum and maximum, respectively. The IKEA Markus chair can carry a load of up to 110kg. It is the perfect choice for individuals who like to have the best chair for their office without having to strain their financial resources. It is sturdy and grants users a comfortable upright sitting position with a long back and integrated headrest. The chair does not feature numerous adjustment options, as is the case with its fancier counterparts. However, users can adjust the height and tilt.

Furthermore, the back can be locked in place or reclined. The IKEA Markus chair is made of mesh material that allows airflow to provide better breathability. This is what makes it the office chair of choice for prolonged and continuous sitting sessions.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 62 x 60 x 129-140cm
  • Height of seat: 48 – 57cm (minimum to maximum)
  • Maximum allowable load: 110kg


  • It is affordable
  • Carries a 10-year warranty
  • Breathable mesh back


  • Limited adjustable features

2. Herman Miller Celle

The Herman Miller Celle is one of the best high-end and stylish home office chairs you can feature at your workstation. In terms of dimensions, it measures 75 by 70 by 111cm. The chair features an adjustable seat height that can range anything between 39 -51cm. The Herman Miller Celle has a reasonably impressive maximum load capacity. It can carry up to 159kg of weight. The chair is robust and excellently comfortable. As a clear testament to Herman Miller’s confidence in the chair, the Celle comes with a 12-year warranty and a 30-day hassle-free return policy if you are not impressed with its performance. The Hernan Miller Celle has an impressively excellent ergonomic design. It uses polymer cells and loops that can conform to body shape. It also promotes airflow to not get sweaty if you stay in it for prolonged time intervals. The chair also comes with a considerable number of adjustment options. Users can adjust the seat depth, tilt tension, armrests, and lumbar support. The last two are optional, and of course, they come at an extra cost.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 75 x 70 x 111cm
  • Height of seat: 39-51cm
  • Maximum allowable load: 159kg


  • It is impressively comfortable
  • It has numerous adjustable options
  • Carries a 12-month warranty


  • Some features only come at an extra cost

3. Humanscale Freedom

The Human Freedom is a deluxe piece of furniture that makes it onto any list as the best home office chairs. It is the epitome of exquisiteness, especially the leather option, ideal as it is not damaged by accidental fluid spillages. Its dimensions measure 69 by 63.5 by 109-135cm. The seat height also ranges from 41-51cm. The Humanscale Freedom chair can accommodate a load of up to 136kg. The chair does not incorporate the sometimes complex knobs and levers that characterize ergonomic options. The chair is designed to adjust itself automatically to suit the ergonomics that fit your body. For example, when you recline, the chair adjusts the backrest resistance to an optimal level. Therefore, users can sit comfortably without having to worry about settings and so on.

The Humanscale Freedom also comes with other adjustable. These include armrests that move in sync, seat pans that can move back and forth, a backrest whose height can be adjusted, and the headrest. However, the Humanscale Freedom comes at a hefty price. This is particularly true for the ones that feature leather or aluminum. If you want to furnish your home office on a tight budget, you should opt for plain fabric or graphite frame ones. While they are not exactly high-end, they still provide the same pleasant sitting experience. As a clear testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in their products, the Humanscale Freedom chair carries a 15-year warranty. There are a few products in the world that carry such an extended warranty period.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 69 x 63.5 x 109-135cm
  • Height of seat: 41 – 51.5cm
  • Maximum allowable load: 136kg


  • It does not feature complicated controls.
  • It automatically synchronizes with the user’s ergonomics.
  • Carries a 15 year warranty period


  • It is costly. This is especially true for the leather option.

4. Hon Volt Task Stool

The Hon Volt Task Stool is one of the best chairs you can feature in your home office. It measures 48 by 51cm. Hon Volt Task Stool has a pretty impressive load-carrying capacity. It can accommodate loads of up to 113kg. Its construction is sturdy, and it is made up of top-notch materials. The Hon Volt Task Stool is available in fabric or leather options. It is also paramount to highlight that the chair does not come with armrests. The chair allows users’ full-swivel, 360-degrees. Therefore, you will not have to worry about mobility. You can move one point to another across your office with great ease. However, the Hon Volt Task Stool does not as much weight as its counterparts in the same class. Furthermore, some users cite its lack of armrests as a drawback, although they can be obtained extra cost. Generalizing, the Hon Volt Task is an excellent home office chair that has numerous positive customer reviews online.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 48 x 51cm
  • Maximum allowable load: 113kg


  • It has sturdy construction
  • Very compact
  • Works well with a standing desk


  • Armrests can be obtained at an extra cost.
  • There have been reports of limited availability due to high demand.

5. Branch Ergonomic Chair

As its name suggests, this one priorities ergonomics and striking the delicate balance between quality and affordability. The Branch Ergonomic chair measures 64 by 61 by 107cm. Its seat height can be varied from 43-53cm. The chair has a pretty impressive maximum load capacity. It can accommodate up to 136kg. The Branch Ergonomic chair is characterized by premium features at an affordable price. Its deluxe appearance far exceeds the costs. It is compact and has chair sporting features that are only expected of high-end models for comfort and adjustable elements.

As highlighted before, the Branch Ergonomic chair is all about ergonomics. Users can adjust the seat height, lumbar support, seat pan depth, armrests, and tilt tension – it can tilt back up to 20-degrees. Also, the backrest and seat are interlinked. As a result, they can tilt simultaneously to give you the ultimate sitting experience. This is particularly important if you will spend the better part of your day in your home office. When it comes to comfort, the chair is unmatched. It features an aluminum base, a breathable mesh weave on the backrest, and a high-density foam cushion on the seat pan. In fact, it has an additional layer of cushioning between the mesh back and lumbar support. All this ensures that users find comfort in the chair when sitting, even for a prolonged period. Generalizing, the chair is an excellent piece of modern office furniture.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 64 x 61 x 107cm
  • Height of seat: 43 – 53cm
  • Maximum allowable load: 136kg


  • It is very comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Excellent customer service from the manufacturer


  • There have been limited availability issues due to demand surges.

Top Benefits of Using the Best Home Office Chairs

Several benefits come with using the best home office chairs. These include enhanced productivity, physical well-being, and an enjoyable working experience.

Where to Buy Home Office Chairs for Work at Home

There are numerous places that you can purchase the best home office chairs. It is paramount to check the reseller’s return policy first and ensure that it is favorable before purchasing. Home office chairs can be obtained from online platforms such as Amazon and eBay. You can also buy them from the traditional brick and mortar furnisher suppliers. Some brands, such as Ikea, also sell their own office chairs directly.

The Bottom Line

No doubt, a great chair is one of the most important aspects of any home office. Since you will spend most of your time sitting if you are working from home, you must make the best choice for your home office chairs. You must do due diligence to ensure that you obtain the most suitable chair for your needs. The best home office chairs will balance such needs as comfort, correct posture, mobility, adjustability, and so on. There are numerous chair brands and models available on the market today. Therefore you should conduct due diligence to ensure that you purchase one that is best. However, the ones reviewed in this article give you the much-needed value for your money. They should feature in every home office, making every moment in your home office an enjoyable experience!


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