Perfect Lighting For Your Home Office

How To Choose Best Lighting For Your Home Office

The work environment determines the quality of work that is exhibited. Adequate lighting is the most efficient item for the home office or any workspace increase productivity and minimizes errors. A study has revealed that good lighting at workspace has increased the productivity of up to 50% and decreased the errors or defects by 40%. Efficient lighting has decreased the headaches, eye-straining, neck pain, and nausea that has to lead to the improvement of the nervous system. The lighting requirements vary based on the nature of the job and the sharpness of eyesight. Natural lighting is sufficient enough in enhancing the illumination and it’s free.

What is Adequate Lighting for the Home Office?

The amount on light requires in each varies with its purpose. For a home office requires illuminance between 700 to 1000 lx, the depression and illuminance varies with the height of the ceiling, brightness is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. Instead of lighting the whole room, you can choose to add task light that is sufficient for your workspace at home. When you are working at home you need to get efficient lighting as too much lighting is also harmful. Dim lighting causes a headache and eye-straining, while harsh lights like fluorescent lightings, can cause a lack of concentration, eye strains, and migraine. But the solution for all these is the natural lighting, you need to identify the space in your house where you can get adequate natural lighting suitable to work. While working at night choose the right ambient lighting for work, overhead ceiling lightning, table lamps with the right shade are the best to choose from.

How to Create Better Home Office Lighting?

Organizing your home for better office space increases the enthusiasm to work, productivity, and quality. The efficient lighting and the office area which is free from distraction helps you to be focused while working and maintain a work-life balance. The right office set up at home makes you be pleasant and stress-free. Below is the various option that will help you to create better lighting for the home office:

  • Natural light

The free lightning is obviously from nature, hence identify the right place where you can work at home and convert it as your workplace. Natural light gives good illumination and eliminates negativity.

  • Overhead ceiling light

You can combine your room light with the built-in light that gives adequate light for your workspace.

  • Table lamp

This dedicated task light illuminates the area of work with sufficient light, you need to adjust the desk and height of the lamp for the focused light.

  • Ambient light

These are corrective light wherein you can place them behind the laptop or monitor, which neutralizes the brightness from monitor or laptop and thus avoids eye strain and migraine.

Top 5 Light for the Home Office

Top 5 Light for the home office

There are various home office bestsellers, through online shopping and people reviews, we can choose the best light for the home office:

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp (White)

This lamp is an eye caring LED table lamp with a USB charging port and 7 brightness levels and five different lighting modes. This Philip product is a 12W lamp, white in color with touch control, and suits any kind of décor.

Cabrillo Dimmable Under Counter Lights

It is LED lighting 12 W 900 lumens, you can adjust the brightening levels by simply rotating. It has a daylight of 6000k natural glow which brightens any corner. You can choose this light if your room is dark and can make your office space look brighter.

Lampert LED Desk Lamp

It has five levels of brightness and 4 lighting modes and the natural light protects the eye. It has touch-sensitive control and auto-off for an hour.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamps (Black)

4 Lighting Modes with five Brightness Levels, 1h Timer, Touch Control, and Memory Function, Black, 14W. You can rotate the lamp up to 140 degrees and swivel up to 180 degrees.

Swing Arm Lamp, LED Desk Lamps with Clamp

It is a modern architectural style and singable which can be positioned and clamped where you want. It has 9W eye care dimmable light, 6 color modes, and last for 500,000 hours lifespan.

The Importance of Lighting in the Home Office

The proper lighting in-home office space can provide a lot of benefits. Efficient lighting reduces a headache, eye strain, and fatigues while working on a laptop or desktop. Natural light along with the artificial light when set properly improves the quality of work and increases productivity. The better illumination of light brightens the space and creates a better ambiance. Lighting, when considered along with the paint of the wall helps, makes you feel better while working.

Bottom Line

Adequate lighting maintains your health, thereby improves the quality of work and increase productivity. You need to plan for a well-designed illumination, energy-efficient lighting to create a safe and healthy home workspace. Good lighting enhances the mood and improves the sense of well being. Through cost control techniques you can choose the best lighting which is long-lasting and affordable for replacements. Choose the right color of the lightings, studies show that blue light when used early in the day enhances productivity, but too much blue light in the night disrupts the sleep. Few studies say that dim light enhances creativity and analytical thinking, but better not use it all the time. If you have to complete the task quickly better use the brighter light which soothes your eyes.


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