Best Loosing Powders in the Market

Best Loose Powders in the Market: Choose The Best One

Loosing powder is that underrated makeup product that no many people seem to care about, but it is actually essential to finish the makeup and give it a glowy, perfect final look, it is commonly confused with pressed powder, but both have the notorious difference, specifically the effects each one provides on the skin. With so many misinformation, is hard to figure out why we need a loose powder, and which brand offers the best so, don’t waste any more time browsing the internet to find the perfect choice, this article has it all: a brief introduction of what are the loose powders, what benefits it provides, how to use it, and what brands offer the best ones.

What is Loose Powder?

Loose powder is a makeup product that commonly comes in a jar and has small particles, as well as a lightweight coverage, which makes it completely suitable for oily skin, and mature skin with fine lines, and wrinkles. The main purpose of the loose powder is to finish the look, but it has some other benefits such as:

  • Mattifies the oily T zone.
  • It can be used alone without foundation to achieve a natural look.
  • Makes the makeup last longer.
  • Works great to blend the eyeshadow.
  • It can provide a luminous look.

How to Apply Loose Powder?

Use a kabuki brush, this one has dense bristles, and a large surface gently dips the tip of the brush into the powder, then tap the brush to remove the excess powder.

Use circular motions to distribute the makeup, people with combination skin can choose to apply the loose powder only in the T zone.

For better coverage:

  • Use a damp sponge, just dip the tip of it into the powder.
  • Gently press the sponge all around the face.

For a matte finish:

  • Use a powder puff, this tool is a flat brush that is commonly used to apply the loose powder.
  • Don’t remove the excess product by tapping it.
  • Tap the powder puff all over the face, and then press it firmly.

Best Loose Powder Products

Choosing just one good loose powder is an impossible job because the right one varies according to each person’s skin type, and concerns, however, there are a lot of good brands that provide excellent powders, here’s a list of the best loose powders in the market, we included options for every skin type:

W7 makeup

This brand was created in 2002, and its main goal is to offer high-quality products for an affordable price, it counts with 4 types of loose powder:

  • Matte dreamer loose powder: As its name indicates this powder provides a matte look, perfect to use it in the T zone, but it also has a glowing effect that works around the eyes as a highlighter. It is suitable for all skin tones, and types. It is the best loose powder for oily skin of the brand.
  • Very vegan sheer loose powder: This powder is certified by the vegan society and provides a matte finish, it has a light texture, and just two dabs o product is enough to cover the face. It is translucent so, it works well for all skin tones.
  • Sheer loose powder: This one comes in a variety of tones, from the lightest to the darkest ones, it has a light coverage, and works great to prevent shine.
  • Banana dreams loose powder: This powder has a different feature from others of the same brand: it has a yellowish tone, and its main purpose is a color correction (great for people skin discoloration, or hyperpigmentation). It works well on every skin tone.
Absolute New York
  • HD flawless loose setting powder: This product has a lightweight texture, and is perfect to cover the pores, shiny spots, and fines lines. It is paraben-free, sulfate-free, fragrance-free, Phthalate-free. It comes in three tones: translucent, brightening banana, golden banana.
Technic Colour
  • Technic Soft Focus: This is an invisible loose powder that covers both imperfections and fine lines. It is 100% vegan.
  • Technic Prism Glow: Perfect to add a glowing look to the skin, it is also 100% vegan.
  • Technic color fix: Provides a natural finish, and comes in 6 different shades.

L.A. Girl Cosmetics

This famous drugstore brand provides the best drugstore loose powders, with high-quality products from everybody, from the beauty junkie to the makeup artist, it provides two loose powder.

  • HD PRO Setting powder: Finishes the makeup look, softens fine lines, and provide a radiant look, it comes in two tones: translucent (for every skin tone), and banana (to correct redness and discoloration). This one is considered the best drugstore loose powder of all.
  • Luminous Glow Illuminating powder: Perfect to highlight the features, and have a glow finish the look. Works for all skin tones.
Ofra Cosmetics
  • Translucent highlight luxury powder: This product is famous for its versatility, it works to set the makeup, conceal dark circles, work as a highlighter, or work as an eyeshadow shade. It is suitable for every skin tone.
  • Acne treatment loose mineral powder: The best loose powder for oily skin. This product works not only to set makeup, but it also covers blemishes, dark spots, and has few ingredients able that can treat breakouts, and have antibacterial properties.
  • Derma mineral powder foundation: Covers imperfections by providing natural tan shade, it also comes with sun protection.
  • Banana powder: Has great banana scent, and works as a highlighter, eyeshadow, and set makeup. It is suitable for all skin tones.

Where to Buy Best Loose Powders?

Each of these brands has its online store where you can buy every product, the links are going to be below in the references.

Bottom Line

The makeup world can be a lot confusing, specifically when looking for the right product, with so many brands, it is hard to decide which one is the best so, the above list contains great options for every skin concern (redness, blemishes, discoloration), and the right way to apply this great product which is the loose powder to maximize the benefits it provides.