Best Places to Travel Solo

Best Places to Travel Solo: Destinations for Worldwide Travelers

Traveling solo, like eating solo, has a terrible reputation, thanks to those that understand how freeing it are to do things on your own. You can reach the places you’ve dreamt of without any social obligations, and you can set up your own pace. The single traveler does not have to look for other folk’s baggage at customs, nor do they have to stop for someone to explore, snooze, or use the restroom. He can snoop on a new place while sitting just at a restaurant and go there without discussing it with anyone. Indeed, traveling solo has several advantages, but you have to walk a fine line when choosing the destination. The planet seems unique via one pair of eyes. Selecting your trip might mean the difference between one great solitary holiday and a less gratifying lonely excursion.

The Best Places to Travel Solo in 2021 

In a nutshell, the solitary traveler is entitled, which implies they’re free to make poor decisions. To help you achieve this dream of exploring the world on your own, we gathered individuals who have traveled to remote parts of the globe where landscape absorbs you whole, where natives welcome you, and where you might enter as a mysterious figure who can revisit years later to discover residents still chatting about you. Following is a list of all the countries that have the most beautiful landscape and are the most suitable for solo traveling:

1. New Zealand

New Zealand is simple to travel alone in New Zealand. The region is perfect for single travelers and is ideal for first-timers. This country is ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities and backcountry camping. On a work permit or part of a round-the-world trip that includes Asia or the States, the country is attractive. There are a variety of resorts, motels, dorms, and campgrounds to choose from, as well as adventurous trips to hop on and off of, or you can book a car or a campervan and cruise across the two islands. New Zealand is a paradigm for environmentalism and is ideal for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Following are some of the must-visit places in New Zealand:

  • Auckland
  • Bay of Islands
  • Tongariro Alpine Crossing
  • Waiheke ‘Wine’ Island
  • Waitomo Glowworm Caves

2. Indonesia

Indonesia may be the world’s most dynamic nation to journey across. Those who didn’t recognize it at the time are now starting to notice how diverse the history, geography, cuisine, and faith are across the islands. As a solo traveler, this makes Indonesia more mysterious than the other Southeastern Asian Nations. What succeeds on one island may not be suitable for another. Based on where you travel, you’ll need to consider a variety of factors. However, Indonesia’s uniqueness is part of what makes it so enjoyable to explore across. Here are a few of the most significant places one can visit on a solo trip to Indonesia:

  • Kuta, Lombok
  • Nusa Islands, Bali
  • Gili Air
  • Raja Ampat
  • Bukt Lawang

3. Kenya

The majority of Kenya is suitable for solo travel. When riding public transportation, solitary tourists will find that the natives are very pleasant and eager to make small talk. Small canvas camps and individual reservations, rather than bigger hotels in state sanctuaries, are perhaps better suited to solitary travelers on expeditions, as they typically provide more hands-on, individualized treatment.

The joy of staying in the forest and the variety of wild creatures to be seen in renowned preserves such as Masai Mara, Amboseli, and Laikipia are the same for many tourists. More than primitive Watamu or stretched plains of Diani, Malindi has by far the most intrinsically friendly and interconnected atmosphere of the seaside resorts, making it perfectly adapted to social solo travelers.

4. Guatemala

Guatemala is a true treasure in Latin America. Solo travel in Guatemala is fairly simple due to the well-knit social hub of other tourists, particularly trekkers. When addressed, Guatemalans are pleasant and polite, but they mostly mind their work and leave tourists undisturbed. Pestering and peddling are uncommon in Guatemala, especially when compared to most South-East Asian countries.

Guatemala is a very beautiful country with gorgeous coasts and the Tikal Mayan forest ruins. If mountain climbing and mythological beings aren’t your styles, relax and take in Lake Atitlan’s peacefulness. The open-air Chichicastenango Marketplace is a great place to pick up traditional Mayan handicrafts. Pacaya is one of Guatemala’s more active volcanoes, with around 30 in total. Hike to the summit of Agua volcano for spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the rainforests if you’re particularly courageous. There aren’t many people in Guatemala, so stroll to the beachfront and experience the waves at Marina del Sur.

5. France

Since France seems to be the most major tourist destination on the planet, any solo journey to European Countries this year is likely to include a stopover. This Western European superpower has a lasting allure because of its magnificent architecture, food, and outstanding galleries and monuments. It is Europe’s largest country, with a remarkable amount of diversity in its terrain.

A trip to Paris is unavoidable on any trip to Europe, but don’t overlook several of the nation’s small towns. Use them as a foundation to explore the local area (with its palaces and wineries) – for instance, Nice or Cassis in the South of France. For Alsace, go to Strasbourg. France has a wide range of dormitories, including a growing number of predefined guesthouses in significant cities. The cost of a bed can be prohibitively expensive during the summertime. It has a long history of backpacker hostels, so you’ll be able to find an inexpensive bed even in smaller, more remote locations. Speaking a few phrases of French can help you get off the beaten path.

6. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great nation, but you must exercise caution when there. Because of the global financial situation, crime has increased, so it is discouraged to go anyplace late at night. Solo travel in Costa Rica can appear scary at first, but knowing a little Española can help you feel at ease because you will talk with the people.

Because La Fortuna de San Carlos is a safe neighborhood where everyone speaks English, trips, and accommodations are simple to book. If you’re traveling in Costa Rica alone, Santa Teresa draws European visitors, whereas Playa Carmen to the south gets many Americans. Visit a soda (small independent eatery) throughout the day to sample local recipes with the residents.

7. Newfoundland, Canada

Everybody’s bucket list should include a trip to Newfoundland, Canada. Canada’s northeastern region is an island known for its gorgeous scenery, delicious fisheries, and warm Newfoundlander friendliness. The inhabitants of Newfoundland are the nicest people you’ll ever encounter, and you’ll be embraced anywhere you go. Traveling solo by automobile allows you to get off the beaten path and visit the islands on your timetable. Although the roadways are in excellent shape, driving after nightfall is not recommended due to the significant risk of colliding with a moose. Following are some of the places you should not miss when in Newfoundland:

  • Saint John’s
  • Cape Spear
  • Signal Hill
  • Quidi Vidi
  • Bonavista Peninsula

8. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a must-see for any traveler to Spain. Barcelona, Spain’s second-biggest city, is also the seat of Catalonia, a Spanish province. This seaside town has so much more to give that you might happily spend a week here and merely skim the top of all it has to show.

Barcelona is the home of Gaudi, Dali, and Miro in terms of contemporary art and infrastructure. You don’t even have to look hard to find their works because it’s everywhere. Particularly notable are Gaudi’s characteristic curving and ornately decorated structures, such as the famed church Sagrada Familia, which is still under construction. Barcelona is mostly flat, except for Montjuic, a 173-meter-high peak. You can take the tram up to the summit, but it’s far more pleasant to walk up and see the ruins of Montjuic castle.

9. Ireland

Ireland is known around the world for being a welcoming and relaxed country. This is primarily due to its social structure. Ireland has a robust, outward-looking mentality that is self-assured without treating itself too sincerely. As a result, the Irish form a close-knit worldwide society open to (and inquisitive about) tourists and strangers.

Joining a guided tour in Ireland is a terrific way to end your traveling vacation. With the assistance of a guide, you can put your road atlas away, enjoy the landscape, and rest certain that you are traveling along some of the prime destinations, as recommended by real guides. Some of the festivities must be experienced firsthand to be understood. There’s the conscience Rose of Tralee beauty pageant, which is one of Ireland’s favorite shows.

10. New York City, USA

Among the most fascinating and approachable solo travel locations around the world is New York City. Easy to travel, with boundless views and many vibrant pubs and restaurants to fit every wallet. You can’t help but feel life in this metropolis. If you’re visiting New York City for the first time, you might be intimidated by the options and ask, “Where do I even begin!” Following is a list of must-dos when you visit the Golden Apple:

  • Buy a ticket to the top of the Empire State Building
  • Ride a bicycle through the Central Park
  • Visit the Grand Central Station to admire the architecture
  • Visit the Museum of Modern Art and the New York Public Library for free
  • Get an authentic Immigrant experience by strolling through the Lower East Side and much more to do when you get there.

11. Nepal

While traveling solo in this beautiful part of South Asia is relatively safe for both genders, it’s still worth knowing a few cultural conventions and doing some homework to get the most out of your vacation. Traveling solo to Nepal could be the journey of a century if you have a few finances, a lot of enthusiasm, and an open heart.

Nepal, which frequently appears in lists of the world’s most dangerous roads, may be thrilling when traveling from place To place The Prithvi Highway, which runs from Kathmandu to Pokhara in the Himalayas, is famous for its high slopes and tiny lanes. Nepal is a very devout country, with religious fervor pervading every facet of life. With over 80% of Nepalese identifying as Hindu and only 9% Buddhist, modest fashion and understanding what is permissible when visiting holy sites are critical.

12. Southern Thailand

Thailand solo travel is simple as its nation is well-equipped for tourists. With its renown for wonderful beaches and nightlife, the country attracts a younger demographic of visitors. You may enjoy an incredibly affordable trip to Thailand if you understand the culture, don’t dress a certain way and avoid the sites at nighttime. Thailand is a fantastic destination to visit on your own. The Land of Smiles has it all: friendly hospitality, excellent food, and clean white coastlines. Suppose you’re into sun idol worship, mountain tribe members, or Buddhist heritage. In that case, the Land of Smiles will not fail to accommodate you. On a single trip to Thailand, you may expect to be treated like royalty due to its low housing price.

Bangkok, the metropolis, is one of Asia’s most fascinating and culturally surprising cities. It’s crowded, filthy, and extremely damp, yet it’s home to the Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra), the Grand Palace, and Wat Pho, all of which may be seen on a strolling temple tour.

13. Australia

One can’t get very far away from family and friends than Australia, so a solo trip there is great. There’s plenty of sunshine, beaches, and surfing boys to keep you interested, but there are so many regions to explore. If you want to celebrate and join other travelers, the East coast of Australia is a great spot to start. You could jet into Cairns and then go along Queensland’s coast. Cairns is also the entryway to Northern Australia, where the rainforests touch the ocean, and it is from here that you can visit Cape Tribulation, which is chock – full of creatures, amphibians, and wildflowers.

Get back in contact with nature by spending a night in an eco-lodge. Take a picturesque train ride through to the Daintree National Park, visit the Atherton Tablelands to witness the rivers, or wander through the Mossman Gorge before relaxing at Cow Bay or Port Douglas’ Four Mile Beach. The Great Barrier Reef, which extends down Queensland’s coastline, is one of the country’s most well-known attractions.

14. The Greek Islands

In Greece, there are several wonderful places to visit. Old ruins, gorgeous beaches, and thriving cultural trends await solo travelers in Greece. When traveling solo in Greece, particularly in Athens, be cautious at night and keep a tight eye on your valuables, just like you’d in any other major metropolitan area.

Whether you want to celebrate, kayak, unwind on a beachfront, or learn more about Greek culture and history, Greece has something for everyone. Greece is a must-see trip on any trip, with its archaeological monuments, monasteries, stunning islands, and dynamic modern culture. There are locations to visit in Greece for everyone, whether you are a fan of history, a seaside fan, an eater, a bookworm, or a wildlife admirer. The majority of travels to Greece begin in Athens, one of the most important destinations and tourist hotspots in the country. The city is embedded in the culture, has a plethora of vibrant districts, and is an excellent starting point for seeing the rest of the state. One of the favorite features to do in Greece is to explore the Acropolis and Acropolis Gallery.

You can make a one-day trip from Athens to Sounio to see the Temple of Poseidon. The monastery is even more gorgeous than the Parthenon. Its spectacular location on a rock overlooking the water, with a pristine, welcoming, and deserted beachfront directly in front, is stunning. Both Aegina and Hydra may be explored in a single day from Athens. The island of Aegina, known for its nuts, is very flat, and the best way to get to and from is to hire a cycle once you reach. Hydra offers a more affluent clientele. Its lovely port town has excellent retailing and dining. Its steep interior offers many hiking and exploration opportunities for hikers and adventurers.

15. Cuba

Cuba is an enthralling country to visit. Cuba is the destination to visit if you enjoy the dance. Cubans are nice people, and if you go to a samba club alone, you’ll almost certainly be invited to dance. Expect the situation to be a little sluggish in Cuba, particularly if you wish to pay with digital wallets, and they always prefer cash. Now would be an excellent moment to visit Cuba as the country opens up to the rest of the planet. Told, this Caribbean country is unlike any other. This is a novel opportunity with classic American vehicles, donkey and buggies, ranchers enjoying Cuban cigars, and unending dances.

The capital of Cuba is Havana. Due to its fading roman shade dwellings and collapsing 1950s style architecture, it has been dubbed the “Cuban museum which no one is caring for.” Its worn look, on the other hand, adds to its allure. Ernest Hemingway was such a fan of Havana that he resided there for a time. Tourists about the globes can tour this well-known author’s home and discover more about his time in Cuba. Traditional Havana has eternal architecture and fully accessible hotel lobbies in the Spanish Colonial style.

Take an Afro-Cuban visit to discover more about Cuban traditions, ideas, mythology, or a modern art tour to learn more about Cuban artwork and see museums associated with this genre’s primary influencers. You can discover more about the precursors to the Liberation and the country’s history commencing in the 15th century within the opulent structure of the Museum of the Revolution, which was previously the Presidential Palace of the Cuban monarchs. See the bullet fragments near the entryway, as well as the perpetual fire, which serves as a homage to the nation’s warriors.

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The Bottom Line

The list of countries above all has a different set of customs and norms. Hence it is necessary to do thorough research when you decide to travel. Solo traveling in 2021 can be dangerous, especially due to the pandemic spread across the globe. Here are a few safety tips that will guarantee safe passage for you no matter how far away you decide to travel:

  • Always carry personal hygiene items and safety boxes for these items as they are easily lost. Carry face masks, soap, sanitizers, and a set of basic medicines, and a first aid kit that can help you avoid more lethal situations.
  • Some tour operators and resorts may ask you to share a room with another person. If you’d like all to yourself, you’ll have to pay a single premium so that the travel operator may make the same amount of money as if you had brought a companion. These costs will be notified before you make a reservation. If this is the case, make sure to inquire before completing the booking.
  • When traveling alone, you may feel more insecure in a new environment. Do some research before choosing a place to stay and only stay at a hotel or Airbnb rental with many great ratings.
  • Meals are a great opportunity to relax and be yourself. Yes, you can start up a discussion with your server or bartenders, but your lunch can also be a moment for reflection. Perhaps you’ll use the time to plan the remainder of your day, catch up with friends and family if the establishment provides free Wi-Fi, or read some books.
  • Send copies of your schedule to your family members and friends, including your travel times, travel arrangements, and possibly even a general idea of your touring agenda. Draw up a list of your contact information data and keep it wherever you can see it. The list can include your personal info and the identity of a family member or friend who can help you in a crisis back home.


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