CBD Benefits for Pets

CBD Benefits for Pets: A New Guide for Your Pets

CBD products have exploded in popularity and demand in recent years. This is due to the wide legalization and increased research on CBD and hemp products’ various medicinal capabilities. CBD-based products are available in various forms. This includes but is not limited to CBD gummies, CBD oil, and CBD vapes. Not only is it getting popular for human use, but many pet owners are also moving towards using CBD-based products to help their pets fight mental and physical battles such as stress or inflammation. In this article, let’s look at what CBD is, the CBD benefits for pets, and how safe it is for them.

What is CBD & Why Your Pet Needs It

CBD, also is known as Cannabidiol, is one of the main active compounds of cannabis. The other one being Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. CBD is the main source of the various health benefits that cannabis can provide to one’s body. THC, on the other hand, is known to be the cause of psychoactive reactions in people. In other words, it is responsible for making you high. Why does your pet need CBD? Well, for starters, pets like us experience physical and mental struggles too. Pets experience anxiety.

A good example is during New Year’s Eve when your pet dog is stressed out and hiding from everyone due to the fireworks outside. Fireworks, most often than not, will cause dogs to go into a shocked state. Their brains are releasing numerous stress hormones and, if happening regularly, can cause harm to them. CBD products can be used to help dogs calm down during such situations.

Another example is when your cat jumps from a place too high for them. This can cause physical pain, which may not be visible to a human. Your cat will show symptoms such as limping and meowing often. You could give them CBD-based products to help relieve the pain while you prepare to go to the veterinarian. We all want to help our pets one way or another, especially if they are experiencing pain.

How Safe CBD for Pets Generally is?

Just like for humans, different animals will react differently when taking CBD. However, in general, CBD-derived products are safe for your pets to consume. Even though most of the evidence that legitimizes CBD as a health product is anecdotal, there has been a fair amount of scientific studies and research on it. Most of the scientific trials were on animals. A study done by Cornell University in 2017 involved giving dogs who were suffering from osteoarthritis CBD twice a day. They concluded that the CBD increased the dog’s activity levels and provided them more comfort. Another reason to believe that CBD products are safe for pets is that there has been no evidence of CBD products causing liver or kidney damage. Other synthetic medications have caused these serious problems.

Top Benefits of Giving CBD to Your Pets

CBD Benefits for Pets

Your beloved pets can also experience a lot of benefits that humans can enjoy from CBD-derived products. Because most studies and research on CBD’s medicinal properties were on animals, we have a better understanding of this field than humans. However, please remember to consult your pet’s veterinarian before giving them any medicine, including CBD. With that said, here are the top benefits that CBD pet treats can provide to your pets.

  • Treating Epilepsy in Pets

One of the most researched and widely proven benefits of CBD is its ability to treat and alleviate epilepsy. The first-ever CBD-based product that was approved by the FDA was Epidiolex. This CBD drug is used to treat two of the most severe and rare types of epilepsy. Animals can also experience epilepsy. CBD can help the brain relax, reducing the chances of nerve impulses misfiring, which are the main cause of seizures. CBD pet treats not only reduce the frequency, but it can also reduce the severity and duration of the seizures. This is due to CBD having rich anticonvulsant properties, and unlike traditional medications, it has not been found to cause serious side effects.

  • Reducing Anxiety in Your Pets

CBD dog treats for anxiety are also widely used. Not only dogs but other pets also experience stress and anxiety. Symptoms of anxiety in pets include trembling, panting, refusal to interact by hiding, loss of appetite, and, most of the time, extreme aggression. CBD pet treats can help alleviate these symptoms by helping your pet relax. CBD will assist in moderating anxiety-inducing hormones during high-stress situations. You can give CBD treats to your dogs now and then reduce their anxiety attacks whenever there are fireworks or loud noises outside.

  • Managing Pain & Inflammation on Your Pets

A wide variety of reasons can cause pain and inflammation in your pets. Symptoms can include swelling, stiffness, redness, etc. You can help out your companion by giving them CBD pet treats, reducing the pain they’re enduring. If you’ve noticed your pet is experiencing pain or inflammation, you give them CBD pet treats. You can do this on the way to your veterinarian to reduce the amount of suffering they are in. CBD alleviates the pain by interacting with the pain receptors of the body.

  • Promoting Homeostasis

CBD pet treats can promote homeostasis in your pet’s body. Homeostasis is our bodies’ ability to maintain a healthy and stable internal environment. Homeostasis is a state of internal balance despite the changes in the environment and situations surrounding us. This is essential to maintaining a healthy body and, ultimately, survival. Our pets can benefit from homeostasis because it lessens the chances of contracting serious illnesses and diseases.

  • Slowing Down the Growth of Cancer Cells

Our pets also have a chance of developing life-threatening cancers. If not found early, it could become severe. There have been studies that link the use of CBD and slowing down the growth of cancer cells. A study found that those who used CBD had a 45% less risk of developing bladder cancer. You can potentially protect your pets from developing these cancers by giving them CBD pet treats.

Different Ways to Give CBD to Your Pets

There are plenty of ways you can give CBD to your pets. The most effective ways you can do this are through CBD oils for pets, CBD capsules for pets, and CBD pet treats. One of the purest and easily absorbed forms of CBD is oil. These CBD oils can be administered via droppers and dropping a dosage under your pet’s tongue. The most popular way for pet owners to give CBD to their loved companions is via CBD pet treats.

This is because treats are the easiest way to grab a pet’s attention, making them very convenient to feed your pets. CBD pet treats come in a variety of flavors, sizes, and dosage. All the necessary information, such as the ingredients and dosage amount for your pet’s weight, will be labeled on the packaging. To help you narrow down your choices, We highly recommend checking these products out for the best CBD dog treats.

The Legality of Buying CBD for Your Pets

Different states handle the production and possession of CBD differently. Some states are quite friendly and don’t have that many restrictions regarding CBD consumption, even for pets. At the same time, other states will have stringent restrictions on how you should take CBD and where to buy it. For the most part, you can only use CBD products with a THC content of 0.3% or lower. Anything above that is considered the same as marijuana, which is still banned on a national level. You can pretty much use CBD products in every state except Iowa, Idaho, and South Dakota.

The rest of the states will have varying degrees of strictness regarding the production, distribution, and usage of CBD products. This can range from CBD not being allowed in food or beverages to salespeople requiring proper registration to distribute them. For the most part, it is legal to give your pets CBD if you’re in these states. However, outside the U.S., some countries have completely legalized the use of CBD products. This includes but is not limited to Canada, Australia, and some parts of Europe.

Bottom Line on CBD Benefits for Pets

To summarize, our pets can definitely benefit from the medicinal properties that CBD-based products can provide. As our pets also experience similar health struggles as some of us, we can help alleviate these struggles by providing all the help. From treating epilepsy to soothing their anxieties, CBD is quite an effective solution for those. However, always remember to consult your pet’s veterinarian before giving them any drug, including CBD-based products.


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