How to Choose Flattering Plus Size Swimwear

plus size swimwear

When the peak of the summer season begins, the much-feared annual swimwear shopping event begins. For plus size women, it may seem impossible to look for affordable plush swimsuits, or find one that even fits! To make things worse, it is the apparent lack of oversize swimsuits that not only favor the figure but enhance your feminine curves instead of damaging them. Fortunately, there are tons of tips you can use to find plus size swimwear that will flatter any size figure and make you feel like the sexy sun goddess you are.

Two major factors that a woman shopping for swimwear should know before looking for her new swimsuit at online swimwear stores:

Know your form:

Pear shape: if you have an average bust and thick shoulders but heavy hips. You should move focus more towards the top. A one-piece oversized swimsuit with busy prints or details on the bust would draw attention upwards, and the solid bottom would make the lower part of your body look more cropped. The swimsuit of large sizes that folds on both sides of the body is also good to camouflage your large abdomen. For women who have large thighs, a piece of cut boyleg would be ideal.

Two-piece swimsuits like tankini tops with busy prints and a plain color background would also flatter your body. Skirtini is another option for women with large hips.

Heart Shaped body: if you have wide shoulders, big bust, and small hips. It’s about playing with your assets; You have a great neckline and, therefore, you must brag about that asset. The plus size swimwear (in one piece) with a large neckline can be very flattering. Two-piece halter-neck swimsuits (which have thick straps for support) would accentuate your best assets and a full-size fund for coverage.

Hourglass shape: this is an ideal body. Your waist is smaller than your bust and your hips. Two-piece swimsuits such as tankinis or skirtinis can be extremely flattering while providing the coverage you want. A shirred top is a great option (because it can pucker more to reveal a little belly or leave it to cover everything) and a full coverage fund will keep everything under control.


plus size swimwear

Know the measurements of your body:

This is the most important factor in choosing a good plus size swimwear since designers or manufacturers have their sizes. That is why when you shop online, you will see the product size box (you may need to click on the “Size table” button to see the size measurements). Also, do not trust your clothing size normally because it is different from the size of the swimsuit. You should take time to read the size chart and compare it with the measurements of your own body (bust, waist, hip).

If you apply the previous knowledge when buying swimsuits for the new season, you will find it easy to choose a flattering and good swimsuit in your range of plus size swimsuits.

The perfect swimsuit for plus size swimwear women

Some of the most fashion-conscious women have come under the scrutiny of fashion police for wearing a swimsuit that does not delight others. Buying the perfect swimsuit is not rocket science. All you need is a little understanding of the type of swimsuit that favors your body type.

A few years ago, heavier women refused to wear swimsuits, as there were not too many options for women with big busts. They had to compete with colorless and ill-fitting beachwear. But that’s a story from the past! The swimsuit industry has evolved to include glamorous options for women of all sizes and shapes.

Although there is no shortage of options for plus size women, it can also be a bit complicated. Remember to keep a few things in mind before going out and buying the perfect swimsuit. The fabric is essential. You could choose between spandex, which is designed to make you look thin and thin or choose a swimsuit that covers the waist, thus hiding the protrusion of the belly.

The pattern is also significant. Choose a pattern that creates an illusion of a small waist; for example, cross-over design patterns are ideal for looking thin. When choosing the neckline, choose one that draws attention to the upper body. Deep V-cuts and halter collars are a very good option. The two-tone suits also help the waist look small. Dark colors, especially black, make the body look thin.

Plus size women need to buy swimsuits that support the bust, belly, and back of the body. Women with large breasts should buy swimsuits that provide adequate cup support. It is best to stay away from bikinis and underworld.

Regardless of size, women should avoid buying swimsuits during the menstrual cycle or after eating–any time you’re bloated or not feeling your best.


In regards to the choice, plus size women can choose between the tankini, swimsuits with skirts, bikinis, and swimsuits in one piece. Remember to avoid a swimsuit that is too tight! It should be comfortable enough to allow you to have fun and yet complement your figure. If you are not too keen on wearing a swimsuit in public but still want to socialize at the beach or the pool, you could try fun cover ups like colorful sarongs and hats that distract the attention of the body.

So what if you are a large size! With little smart shopping, you can still enjoy the warm weather and feel fantastic doing so. Find the perfect plus size swimwear for you today.

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