Comparison Review of Best Weight Loss Shakes

Comparison Review of Best Weight Loss Shakes and Their Benefits

The weight loss industry is full of thousands of products hence it’s not easy to choose a supplement. People are constantly trying to compare the efficiency of different shakes but most of them contain skewed information. Shakeology, GNC lean shake, and 310 shakes are some of the best meal replacement shakes thanks to their unique ingredients and also long-term weight loss results. But which is the best shake between these three products? Well, outlined below is a comparison review of 310 Shakes vs Shakeology vs GNC Lean Shake in terms of ingredients, calorie information, and price.

310 Shake vs Shakeology vs GNC Lean Shake – Calories

The reason why most meal replacement diets have low amounts of calories is that they create a deficit in the body which leads to the conversion of stored fat into fuel. These shakes contain:

  • Shakeology: 160
  • GNC lean shake: 180
  • 310 shake: 90

310 shakes are a more effective supplement than lean shake and Shakeology when it comes to calorie comparison. It contains fewer calories and it aids the conversion of fat into energy.

310 Shake vs. Shakeology vs. GNC Lean Shake – Protein

High amounts of protein help to promote the growth of lean muscles. Protein is a vital component of everybody’s cell as it also helps to repair tissues. It promotes healthy growth of nails, hair, and production hormones, enzymes, etc. High amounts of protein are great for those who want lean and well-toned muscles. These shakes have the following amounts of protein:

  • Shakeology: 17g
  • GNC lean shake: 9g
  • 310 shake:15g

With 17g of protein, Shakeology offers the best weight loss results in this category.

310 Shake vs Shakeology vs GNC Lean Shake – Fiber

The higher the amount of fiber in a shake, the more effective it is when it comes to curbing hunger. Fiber is a hunger controller that helps to reduce food cravings as well as binge eating. The most effective meal replacement shakes usually have high amounts of dietary fiber and they can effectively curb hunger pangs for 3-4 hours. Below is the fiber content of Shakeology, lean shake, and 310 shakes.

  • Shakeology: 6g
  • GNC lean shake: 8g
  • 310 shake:5g

310 Shake vs Shakeology vs GNC Lean Shake-Sugar

Sugar is one of the key factors that help to determine the effectiveness of a meal replacement shake. High amounts of sugar in a shake increase the blood glucose levels which inhibit the weight loss process. It’s worth noting that foods that are rich in sugar are usually associated with weight gain.
Below is the amount of sugar found in each meal replacement supplement:

  • Shakeology: 7g
  • GNC lean shake: 5g
  • 310 shake: 0

With 7g of sugar per serving, Shakeology has the highest amount of sugar in this category. This means that if a dieter is taking Shakeology twice daily, they’ll end up with 14g of sugar which is a very high amount for someone who wants to lose weight. The most effective supplements for weight loss usually have less than 3g of sugar or none at all. 310 shake has zero sugar hence it can effectively accelerate the weight loss process.

310 shake vs shakeology vs GNC Lean Shake – Calories

310 Shake vs Shakeology vs GNC Lean Shake – Carbs

The shakes have the following amounts of carbs:

  • Shakeology: 17g
  • GNC lean shake: 30g
  • 310 shake: 8g

The lower the number of carbs in a meal replacement, the better it is in aiding weight loss. A low-carb diet also helps to improve or prevent certain medical condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome. Lean shake has the highest number of carbs hence its effectiveness can be considered to be much lower than that of 310 shakes.

310 Shake vs Shakeology vs GNC Lean Shake – Cost per Serving

Meal replacement shakes are not products that are to be used once. There are normally used for months in order to provide the dieter with great weight loss results as well as improved development. The shake of these supplements are:

  • Shakeology: $4.30
  • GNC lean shake:$2.19
  • 310 shake:$2.43

An affordable meal replacement shake should cost around $3.5 or less. This is because some users end up taking two servings per day and if a product is expensive, this means that they won’t be able to afford to buy the shake for long-term use. This makes the whole point of using the supplement ineffective.


Generally, these three shakes contain the following benefits:

  • They accelerate the process of weight loss and provide long-lasting results.
  • They curb hunger for 3-4 hours
  • They nourish the body by supplying it with the essential nutrients.
  • They enhance organ function
  • Promote the development of lean muscles

Bottom Line

Choosing the best meal replacement shake when comparing 310 shakes vs Shakeology vs GNC total lean isn’t easy. These three shakes have different levels of nutrition, prices and they are all unique and effective in their own ways. It is therefore up to the buyer to choose the best meal replacement that suits their needs.


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