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Diet Shake Misconception: They Contain Sugar

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Written by Herman M. Ridinger

Most of us love sweet-tasting foods and drinks, but at the same time, we want to be healthy. Good health and weight loss mean reducing the sugar in our diets. Instead of avoiding meal replacement shakes because they may contain sugar in diet shake, you can choose from the best diet shakes because they are sugar-free.

Why Drink Sugar-Free Shakes?

Sugar does not provide any nutritional value. Because of this, it is one of the many foods known as empty calories. While a small amount of sugar does not contain a significant number of calories, it is sensible to avoid foods that do not benefit your health.  

The absence of nutrition is only one reason to avoid products with added sugar. Sugar has other effects on your body. The rapid spikes and declines in energy are difficult to deal with, and they are unhealthy. Sugar affects your insulin and blood sugar levels. You develop a persistent tired feeling within a short period of time after consuming sugar.  

Insulin drop can cause tiredness and hunger. You will not feel your best, and you will want to eat. You are more likely to crave junk foods instead of healthier products.  

When sugar affects your insulin and blood sugar levels, fat storage begins and fat burning stops. This can sabotage your weight loss efforts.  

If these reasons are not enough to reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet, digesting sugar takes essential vitamins and minerals from your body. You would not be as healthy, and it would reduce your ability to build lean muscle.  

A common myth is meal replacement shakes contain sugar. If you read the description or label on a diet shake, you may be surprised at what you find. There are popular shakes that contain between one and eleven grams of sugar in each serving. However, the best meal replacement shakes have no added sugar at all.  

What About Artificial Sweeteners?  

Artificial sweeteners have been around for a very long time. From sweetening coffee to improving the taste of non-carbonated cool beverages, there have been quite a few products in this category. In many cases, artificial sweeteners were purchased and used by countless numbers of people before the products were deemed unsafe.  

You may hear or read that artificial sweeteners are perfectly safe, and pose no risks to your health. The history of artificial sweeteners shows this is not necessarily true. When you want to reduce the sugar in your diet, it is wise to avoid artificial sweeteners, too.  

Reading labels is important when you want to make smart choices. While you will find diet products containing artificial sweeteners, you can be confident knowing the best meal replacement shakes do not contain these substances. When you drink a diet shake, there are no health risks from artificial sweeteners. All of the ingredients are natural and healthy.  

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All-Natural Goodness  

With meal replacement shakes, you never need to choose between sugar and artificial sweeteners. You can keep these substances out of your diet, yet still have a deliciously sweet shake.  

Natural ingredients make it easy to adhere to your diet and focus on your health. You can have your favorite flavor, and not miss sugar at all. Every time you have a diet shake, you will be happy with the taste.  

Natural shakes mean none of the complications that come from sugar and artificial sweeteners. You can have consistent energy instead of energy spikes and drops. Your body will use the vitamins and minerals for health benefits, so you will have the most benefits from everything you eat.  

Without artificial ingredients, you do not need to be concerned about health risks. Every natural ingredient in a shake is good for you.  

Bottom Line

With meal replacement shakes, it is easy to make good choices. When you notice some diet products contain sugar, you can avoid those products entirely. Rather than taking chances with artificial sweeteners, you can have a product that is naturally sweet. A diet shake can be the start of a sugar-free diet. You will be amazed at the all-natural goodness. Whether you want to avoid sugar for your health or for weight loss, there has never been an easier solution. Every sip will be a real treat, and you will never feel deprived of sugar.  

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