How To Choose Efficient Home Office Items

How To Choose Efficient Home Office Items

One of the best ways of enhancing productivity is by working from home. But while this seems fun, you need to set up a home office. Setting a room aside for your professional work is important because not only will you be able to separate yourself from your personal life but you will be able to securely store your documents. So, what are some of the efficient items for a home office?

What is a Home Office?

This is a space that has been specifically designed in a residential place for official purposes. Home offices allow professionals and business individuals to work remotely from the comfort of their houses.

How to Organize Home Office?

The way you organize your home office will determine your productivity. You need to incorporate various aspects such as design, equipment as well as your visualization skills in order to perfectly organize your office. Some of the factors that you need to consider when organizing your home office include:

  • The most essentials and items you expect to use frequently should be close to your working desk
  • Ensure that the office is spacious enough for easy movement
  • Use a color-code for your filing system
  • Have a printing station
  • Organize documents or equipment in terms of categories

List of Essentials for a Home Office

Working from home gives you more freedom. Additionally, it’s safer and secure. There are minimal chances of distractions and interruptions caused by other workmates. If you are setting up your home office, some of the essentials that you require include:

A Desk: This is the basic foundation of all offices. It acts as the anchor and offers a fixed space for working. Always go for a customized desk with different functions and multiple levels of elevation.

Chairs: It should have an ergonomic design and conforms to your type of body. A good chair should have adjustable heights, armrests, and offer back support. You might also need an extra chair which can be used during breaks or when you need a breath of fresh air.

The File Cabinet: As much as digitization has made it easier to store files, paperwork is still important. A file cabinet is important for a well-organized home office. Note that you can purchase a simple and compact drawer that can fit in small spaces.

Internet Access: The days of using the dial-up connection are no longer in use. Currently, nearly all types of jobs require internet access. And if you are working from home, you definitely need internet access for communication and research. This means that a broadband connection is vital.

Computer: A desktop device is important especially if you are a professional. It allows you to research, store files, and communicate with others. However, if you are creating a mobile home office, you need to have a laptop.

Lighting System: You need to have a good lighting system for better productivity. You don’t want to deal with unwanted headaches after a long day or night of squinting.

A Review of Home Office Essentials

Desktop Computers

They help you to access the internet. A desktop computer is suitable for a home office because you don’t need to carry it around and its access can only be restricted to you only. Some of the best desktop computers for home offices include:

Apple iMac Pro

iMac Pro is a versatile and beautiful gadget from Apple. It’s suitable for professionals who engage in intense creative work. Featuring a brilliant and premium 5k retina, the iMac Pro is a powerful device that is designed with advanced storage, input and output ports, and memory.


  • Powerful CPU
  • Beautiful design
  • Has an amazing Retina


  • The keyboard isn’t comfortable for typing
  • Pricey

HP EliteOne (1000)

This is an all-in-one desktop that can quickly transform your home workstation. EliteOne is suitable for spreadsheet jockeys, executives, and designers. It has a powerful processor as well as premium features that enhance user interactions leading to the captivating and immersive experience.


  • Expansive screen
  • Comfortable keyboard and mouse
  • Brilliant media controls


  • Lacks touchscreen
  • Doesn’t come with the Thunderbolt 3 support

High-Speed Internet Access office

Having a wireless router in your home office provides seamless internet access which provides the best internet provider as per your demand. Not only does it offer a connection to your desk computer, but you will also be able to connect other devices such as smartphones. Note that routers, just like most electronics usually have a wide range of features. The best type of router for your home office should have four or more 10/100/1000 ports. The best routers for a home office include:

Asus Rog-Rapture (GT-AC5300)

It’s one of the best and fastest routers that are found on the market.  ROG-Rapture has been designed with multiple game-friendly features. Additionally, it has numerous input and output ports as well as a management console for better network optimization.


  • Great throughput
  • Numerous game-friendly features
  • Contains 8 LAN ports
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa


  • The file transfer speeds aren’t great
  • Very expensive

D-Link Wi-Fi Router (AC 1200)

This is a dual-band router that’s great for browsing and streaming. It has the high-gain type of antennas that offer a wider area of coverage in your house. AC 1200 provides users with 3D or Fast HD streaming speeds and guarantees users reliability. The easy-to-install router has four ports and multiple settings for management.


  • It’s very cheap
  • Provides a brilliant throughput
  • Comes with numerous management settings


  • Lacks USB Ports
  • Its antennas are non-removable

Desk and Chair

Desk and chair are the basic essentials that you need when you are setting up your home office. You are going to spend hours while using it on a daily basis. A chair is important for comfort while the desk is important for organization and support. If you are searching for the best Desk and Chair for your home office, then you need to check:

Desk and Chair 

Amazon’s Mesh-Back Swivel

This desk chair is one of the cheapest in the market. The swivel chair is good for slight swings and it has an ergonomic design. Its well-cushioned seat provides comfort while the mesh that’s found at the back offers great breathability. Besides all those, it comes with a height adjustment and tilt option.


  • It’s cost-friendly
  • You can tilt and change its height to match your body type


  • Its lumbar support isn’t so strong

Monarch Right/Left-Facing Corner Desk

This is a simple office desk which has an L-Shape. This office desk offers users a convenient type of storage. It contains two storage drawers of medium size as well as a lateral file -drawer which is found on the left or right side.


  • Has a great finishing
  • Provided convenience
  • Has an elegant design
  • It provides two workstations


  • Not suitable for tiny rooms because it occupies lots of space

Adequate Lighting

The best way to ensure that your home office gets a sufficient amount of lighting naturally is by having wide glass windows. However, you need a good ceiling light fitting or a desk lamp to make your work easier. LED Panels are considered as the best sources of light for an indoor setting. Some of the best sources of lighting products include:

Philips’ LED Floodlight (R30)

BR30 LED light bulb is one of the newest and versatile ranges from Philips. The dimmable floodlight is a low-cost lighting product that offers efficiency. Reviews indicate that it just draws 9 watts of power and produces an output of around 639 lumens. Although it’s not a high-end option BR30 offers plenty of light for a single room.


  • It’s a well-rounded bulb that’s so bright
  • Offers a decent level of efficiency
  • Has a dimming option


  • Not suitable for an enclosed fixture
  • Its color rendering features are considered as average

OTUS’ Motion Sensor

This is a modern and stylish desk light that has a lot of functional features. The desk lamp has been designed with a round base and shade in addition to a flexible arm. This motion sensor can be easily controlled by using your hand gestures. This versatile lighting device is dimmable and you can easily adjust its color temperature.


  • Has a touchless lighting control
  • Modern and stylish
  • Dimmable
  • Its head and arm are flexible


  • Doesn’t suit home offices which have a vintage design
  • Quite expensive

Telephone and VoIP

With the current technology, you might not need a traditional telephone that has a landline connection. However, when you are working from home, you need to have stable phone service and this can include VoIP phone service which is internet-based. However, a smartphone is even better because it’s versatile, small, portable, and effective. You can select telephones or VoIP phones for your home office which is really suitable for you.

Bottom Line

Technology has changed the way people work. While working from an office is good, setting up a home office is one of the best options that you can use to improve productivity. There are no distractions and you don’t have to deal with commuting issues. While setting up a home office can be very challenging, the above-mentioned ideas can help you to easily set up your productive space.


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