The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Women Plus size Swimwear 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Women Plus size Swimwear 2018

Purchasing the right cruise swimwear can be a hard task for any woman because most of them are irritated by their body shapes. Some women would like to hide stretch marks and cellulite; while others want to expand curves. Finding the right plus size swimwear that will accentuate your body features and boost your confidence is now easier.

In general, bathing suits with full coverage, cleavage, and ruching support are ideal for mature women. This article will help you to discover the best swimwear for your body shape.

Best Swimwear Review

Best Swimwear for Women with Broader Shoulders

If a woman has broad shoulders, then there are a lot of things that she can do to balance her body. But when you are preparing for your cruise, you should purchase a bathing suit that has panels on either side to give you an hourglass shape which will help you to balance your broad shoulders. An asymmetrical neckline top is also recommended.

Best swimwear for women with a flat butt

Spring is upon us, and what better way to celebrate shedding layers of clothing than baring your behind? Cruise season is the best time where you can show off your behind. Buy bathing suits that are shiny, have loud prints, and even minimal coverage.

Best swimwear for women with bigger chests

Women with big busts need to select bathing suits that will support their large busts. The underwire bra is ideal because it keeps the girls perky and often has adjustable straps that will offer the required support.

Best swimwear for women with an athletic body shape

If a woman has an athletic body figure, then she should consider buying a swimsuit that shows off your shape or creates some curves. One-pieces with plunging necklines are flattering.

Best swimwear for women with bigger behinds

If a woman has a button the bigger side, then she should consider buying plus size swimwear with more coverage—or alternatively, one with less!


Love Handles

Most women do not like the appearance of fat squeezing over their bikini bottoms, but they can easily fix that problem. High-waist bottoms show off your waist and cover up your love handles.

Back fat

If you’re concerned about the appearance of “wings” due to the way straps lay on your back, swimsuits with thicker straps can help fix this.

Full Thighs

You should probably select bathing suits that will conceal your full thighs. Bottoms that have skirts could also be ideal to cover your upper leg. Also, bottoms that have a V silhouette (higher around your hips and lower under your navel) make legs appear longer and slimmer.

Tummy Pouch

Hiding your tummy is now easier than many women would think. Peplums, for instance, are not only ideal to wear in the office- you can also wear them when visiting the beach. A full-piece that has ruching can assist to hide your stomach.


Choosing a perfect plus size swimwear for women who have scars can be tricky especially when we do not know where these injuries or scars are situated. Fortunately, several swimsuits have interesting shapes and unique cuts that you can purchase to conceal your scars. If your scars are situated on your chest, then a cropped top would be more ideal. Swimsuits that have mesh provide full coverage while still baring a little skin.

Burn easily

Sun-sensitive women have rough times during summer. They need sunblock lotions and cover-ups to protect them from the sun. Long-sleeved tops and rash guards are great for women who are affected by ultraviolet light from the sun.


Whether you are curvy, slender or tall, cellulite does not discriminate. But cellulite does not have to affect your style. Consider wearing swim dresses or skirtinis suits that have longer hemlines.


Pregnant women do not want clothes that are too tight. Tankinis are a perfect solution, especially because they also cover stretch marks and protect from intense sunlight.

Short Legs

If you wish to elongate your shorter legs, you should consider buying swimsuits that have high cuts leg holes. You can also buy thongs if you are lengthening your legs further.

Final verdict

If you are searching for perfect plus size swimwear, then you need to try as many styles as possible until you get the one that fits you. Hopefully, this guide has provided some help to find a perfect bathing suit for your cruise holiday!

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