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Home Office Essentials in 2021 for a Perfect Home Office Setup

In these recent times, working from the home office is gradually becoming the new norm. This scenario has been primarily contributed to by technological advancements that have made remote working possible. Furthermore, the Covid-19 global pandemic has also resulted in lockdown restrictions that have forced organizations to find innovative ways to ensure business continuity. Several benefits come with setting up a home office. The arrangement is cheaper. It reduces your commuting and office space renting costs. A home workstation that features home office essentials also boosts productivity as you reduce the time spent traveling and have flexible working hours, even working well into the night! Setting up a home office also enables you to design your workspace based on your personal preferences.

Best Home Office Essentials for Perfect Home Setup in 2021

Adjustable Desk

A desk makes the core of your home customized workstation, and no doubt, it should be adjustable. It is the one that supports most of your office equipment as you type, call, and do other routine activities as the day advances. An adjustable desk also gives you the much-needed flexibility to easily change your work position. This is because numerous health risks are associated with maintaining the same position over a long period. These include heart disease and back pain. Having the freedom to adjust your desk enables you to switch between positions once you begin feeling fatigued, pain or aches.

A Good Comfortable Chair

It is paramount that you have the best home office chairs. The importance of a good comfortable chair in a home office cannot be underestimated. This is so considering that this is where you will probably spend the better part of your day sitting. The chair should be ergonomic, designed with pain points in mind. You should select a chair whose design addresses known areas of weakness and pain by providing adequate support and comfort. Ideally, the height of the chair and armrests should be adjustable, feet should rest on the floor, and arms at a 90-degree angle. The chair should also roll. It will prove to be convenient when you intend to move around and reach out to things.

Adequate Task Lighting

No doubt, task lighting is the best lighting for a home office. It is crucial to avoid using room lighting or screen lighting when in the dark. Adequately lit workspaces are very critical for your ophthalmic health. Failure to do so may result in eye strain and persistent headaches. Task lighting enables you to decide the direction and intensity of your lighting. It enables you to control glare, as you can adjust the positioning until it is at one that suits you best. Therefore, it is paramount that you incorporate task lighting in your home office workspace with all this in mind.


You should look for the best laptop for your home office. A laptop is a crucial component of any workstation, and any modern-day home office cannot do without it. It enables you the much-needed flexibility of changing your work position. It also acts as your communication outlet when you intend to collaborate with your colleagues in other places through tools such as Zoom. You should choose one that has specifications that are suitable for your kind of work operations. These include RAM, ROM, processor speed, graphics, and so on. It should also have a good battery life so that there is business continuity in the event of power glitches. A laptop is a significant investment and should feature on every home office desk.

A Computer or Laptop Stand

A computer or laptop should go with its respective stand. Using a computer or laptop without its stand can result in posture problems that leave you with neck or shoulder pains. When these are experienced over a prolonged period, muscles will become constricted. A computer/laptop stand elevates that the screen to match your eye level. As a result, it stops you from having to hunch forward to maintain an upright and healthier position. Furthermore, a computer/laptop also helps reduce the airflow issues commonly associated with putting laptops on a flat surface. It is an essential component of any home office.

A Monitor

A monitor is also a valuable add-on to the list of your home office essentials. It is essential if your work involves staring at the computer screen for a prolonged period. This is because monitors greatly enhance your productivity and help you save time. This is especially true when you are working with multi-tasking programs. Switching between one program to another can be daunting, confusing, and can lead to mistakes if speed is of the essence. Having a secondary screen by your laptop enables you to organize your tabs and programs better. However, it is paramount to ensure that you purchase a compatible monitor with your computer/laptop.


A standalone keyboard is one of the vital components of any home office. It enables you to avoid wrist damage and posture inconveniences caused by using a laptop keyboard. This is because a standalone keyboard gives you the flexibility to position your laptop at the point of your choice without worrying about it getting out of your reach. A wireless keyboard is more ideal than its wired counterparts, which can make your desk space look messier. However, to ensure that you obtain an option that has a good battery life to avoid inconveniences. You should also pay attention to the keyboard’s orientation so that your wrists are not subject to strain and injury.


A mouse is also among the must-have home office essentials. It gives you great convenience when you maneuver on your laptop screen. There are numerous brands and models to choose from, depending on your personal preferences. However, like keyboards, cordless options are better. They give you much-needed flexibility. You should just ensure that they have adequate powering options to avoid inconveniences in the event of a power glitch. Furthermore, since you will most probably the better part of the day on your workstation, the curvature of the mouse should be such that it does not cause strain and injury to your wrist.

Lap Desk

When you are working from home, sometimes you will need a slight environment. It might mean changing from your office room to the living room or even just sitting on another corner of the couch. However, having your laptop emitting hot radiation on your legs may be uncomfortable. It is for this reason that you need a lap desk. It will help you shift from one working spot to another in your house with great ease. A lap desk provides you with the much-needed flat surface from which to execute your tasks. No doubt, it is a home office essential and should feature in at every workstation.

Surge Power Strip with USB

A fully furnished home office will include several tech tools. Usually, the number of these increases over time as you continue to add more equipment. Powering them all simultaneously becomes an issue. It is for this reason that you must add a power strip to your setup. It should have surge protection. This will ensure that your tools are powered at safe levels, even if you have multiple devices plugged in. A power strip with a socket and USB will eliminate the inconvenience of having multiple devices running out of power. Power strips with fantastic designs can be concealed behind walls, baseboards, or office furniture so that they keep them out of sight while doing their job.Home Office Essentials

Noise-Canceling Headphones

While working from your home office provides the much-needed convenience, it is not without its demerits. One of them is numerous distractions. These can come in the form of kids, TV, radio, and so on. This is why noise-canceling headphones should be part of every home office setup. They help you get into the mood for work that is distraction-free. You can use them to listen to your favorite work-themed tunes or just to ensure that a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere prevails as you accomplish your tasks. No doubt, noise-canceling headphones are among home office essentials and boost your productivity.

Printer Scanner

This can quickly go without saying, but well, let’s just say it: you need a printer scanner for your home workstation. Let’s just face it, even though the evolution of technology has spearheaded digital office work solutions, you might have to deal with the paperwork and other documents at some point. A printer scanner will prove handy when you will need physical copies of documents in your hands. It is paramount that you opt for ultra-lightweight and portable printers as these will not giving your difficulties in looking for their sitting space on your desk. A printout and pen might be all your need to solve problems in your office, hence the importance of a printer scanner.

A File Cabinet

No doubt, a file cabinet is among home office essentials. While every office has paperless work solutions, the truth is there will always be complex copy documents that you will need to keep. Interestingly, even though you may start with a clear desk, nature always takes its course as the day progresses. Documents begin to build up quickly, and if you cannot remain on top of this situation, you will end up distracted, frustrated, and losing valuable documents. There is no better place to secure in an orderly manner than a file cabinet.

Green Plants

A home office does not have to be all techy and complicated with all the circuitry and so on. Adding some green plants to the mix will do. Besides making your office look prettier, green plants will also enhance air quality and provide a much-needed sense of peace and tranquility in an environment that can be easily characterized by stress and high temper. Of course, you wouldn’t want to turn your workspace into an uncontrollable rainforest. Therefore, it is paramount that you select pretty plants that you can maintain. Having green plants around in your office will go a long way in enhancing your physical and mental wellbeing.

Paper Shredder

When you want to get rid of sensitive information on your computer, you delete it. How about getting rid of sensitive information printed on paper in your office? A paper shredder is the solution and should feature in every home office. Having a home office may compromise the security of work-related information due to unauthorized access. As a result, simply throwing away documents with sensitive information such as banking details in the trash-can can be dangerous as you will never know where the garbage will end up. A paper shredder will enable you to destroy documents beyond the point of reasonable repair. This is what qualifies it to be among home office essentials.


Who doesn’t enjoy having a soft-soothing melody playing in the background while executing their work tasks? Having a good speaker in your home office is ideal to ensure such a pleasant environment. It is paramount that you use cordless ones to reduce the number of wires crisscrossing your office. For a perfect user experience, you should also select one with several high-tech features and excellent sound. Having a speaker will also afford your office visitors the much-needed entertainment and relaxation while they await you to complete your business with them in the office. Definitely, speakers are a home office essential!

Network Router

Work is now more dependent upon practical commutation tools more than anything else in this day and age. It this paramount to note that there is will be no remote working to talk about in the absence of a seamless communication setup. Therefore, this is why it is essential to have a network router in your home office. This is particularly important if you have more than one computer that needs internet access. If your computers or laptops are located in different and quite distant spots in your home, a wireless solution will be the best option. No doubt, a wireless router is a home office essential and should feature at every workstation.

High-Speed Internet

One of the features that characterize a formal workspace is the ability to collaborate with your peers on ideas and so on. When you are now working from your home office, high-speed internet is vital to ensure that your colleagues are just a few clicks away. Note that the emphasis is on ‘high-speed.’ This is because there may be simultaneous developments in the office, and speed becomes essential. Swift internet is not only a requisite for communicating with your colleagues and clients using tools such as Zoom, but it is also vital for doing regular office tasks such as sending files back and forth as well.

Stationery for Home Office

Once you have made remote working an option, you will now have to invest in office stationery supplies. This is critical as it eliminates the chances of the time losses associated with getting into an office and discovering that you have to go to the mall and get stationery for the day. Stocking your stationery in an organizer and storage boxes will always be a good idea.

A checklist for home Office Stationery 

The stationery items that should feature in your home office include pencils, highlighters, printer paper, notebook, binders, stapler, staples, scissors, paperclips, document sorter, scissors, and folders.

Software for Home Office

As highlighted before, one of the major disadvantages of working remotely is the presence of distractions. It is the reason why it is essential to have home office software. It will go a long way in ensuring that you have the much-needed discipline when working from home. There is a myriad of accessible and tools online that can be used by remote workers. These tools help you in time management, productivity, motivation, focus, and progress tracking. No doubt, home office software is an essential tool and should feature in every home office. It brings you the much-needed results in a home setup.

Backup Drive or Personal Server

A backup server is a home office essential. This is because, in a technology-driven system, data protection is of paramount importance. Businesses usually have critical data that they cannot afford to lose. In the modern-day, you can sign up for cloud-based backup solutions to automatically copy your files. An in-house backup plan is will also do. Personal servers and external drivers are inexpensive and will prove handy in the event of computer failure. The importance of a backup drive or personal server in your home office is undisputed and should not be underestimated. You should look for an option that has enough storage to cater to your data backup requirements.

The Bottom Line

There are lockdown restrictions in certain areas in this era due to Covid-19. Having a home office can have numerous benefits. It is an effective way to save two critical parameters: time and money. Before you set up a remote workspace, it is paramount to ensure that you have all the best home office equipment. Without the requisite tools, working from home can be a nightmare, and productivity will be reduced. The items listed in this article are among the best home office essentials and should feature every home office. A fully furnished home office will ensure that you have the convenience of a pleasant work experience.


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