Isagenix Products Review

Isagenix Review: Learn Everything About This Brand

The first question after reading about Isagenix pop into mind is that what is Isagenix? Well, let’s start from scratch. Isagenix Isalean is a range of branded replacement shake which claims to replace meals. The restrictive program contains shakes high in protein, minerals, and vitamins, which help weight loss. Isagenix shake is considered better than other options around because it contains protein and fewer amounts of fats and carbohydrates.

The way to drink Isagenix shakes is to mix them with either water or with milk. The following article contains all the information that one needs to know regarding the product. If you are in the middle of making the purchase and looking out for some review on Isagenix, this reading is for you.

About Isagenix

Isagenix is a marketing company. The company has its independent catalog, which the consultants sell. Isagenix deals in personal care products and supplements. If we talk about its supplements specifically, Isagenix has several weight loss packages. The packages are designed for thirty days, and nutrition will vary from one package to another.

Other than the Isagenix shake, the packages also contain a hundred-calorie snack pack, detox tonic, vitamin B to help with stress levels, natural accelerators, and Isa flush. All these things are present in the form of different products within the package. The package altogether claims to promote a healthy lifestyle and also claims to aid weight loss.

How Does Isagenix Work?

Once you have the package which you choose, you would know the next step. The instructions are available on the package. For the next thirty days, you can use the package and can see the changes. First of all, the Isagenix shake can be taken in place of lunch. It’s a meal replacement shake. The company claims it to be wholly nutritious and healthy.

Furthermore, there is a 100-calorie snack pack that can help you replace your regular snack. You can eat it between breakfast and lunch or in the evening.

There is another product known as cleansing for life. The product is a detox tonic that claims to cleanse your body and remove all the toxic substances from the body. Moreover, the product known as Isa flush is also present in the package. It contains a magnesium and herb blend, which can be a laxative without the harsh laxative ingredients.

Amped hydrate is another drink in the package. It contains powdered fruits and essential minerals so that you would stay hydrated throughout your diet. The final product is the natural accelerator. The natural accelerator is green tea and cocoa extract, which increases metabolism. The increased metabolism helps with weight loss and burns fat.

Isagenix Products Ingredients

Different products have different ingredients in the Isagenix product line. For example, if you are going for shakes and bars, they have whole grains, sugar, and protein along with minerals in them. The section of functional beverages contains caffeine to help you boost your activity. Similarly, the cleanse segment has hydrating detox ingredients and snacks with different types of healthy munchings. Thus, the ingredients differ from one product to another. You can find them readily available on the website of Isagenix products.

The Isagenix Firm

Isagenix shakes is a multi-level marketing firm that sells various dietary as well as personal care products. An MLM firm (or pyramid scheme, since the top relies heavily on the direct selling skills of those at the bottom, of a pyramid-like shape) is usually successful because it relies on average people to sell to those around them.

And with the explosion of social media as a marketing tool, the lower half of the pyramid have expanded their reach to include even those outside their immediate vicinity. When looking for either weight loss shakes or the best meal replacement shakes, you should take the time to learn how such products are being marketed and sold, because you’ll learn a couple of things that most Isagenix shakes reviews will never talk about.

You see, every company wants goodwill and word of mouth of their sellers to sell their products. Meanwhile, sellers usually have one end goal, to make sales. That means they’ll likely say whatever they need to say to achieve their target. Does this mean positive Isagenix reviews are simply hard sales with no benefit to show? Surely not. Otherwise, they won’t be making repeated sales and keep having returning customers.

What need to Concern

The main point is this, Regardless of what some of the best Isagenix reviews may claim, Isagenix shakes are the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss and other Isagenix products are not silver bullets to weight struggles. Because while some people get moderate to great results, hence go back for more, others don’t note any benefits, hence they are likely to leave negative Isagenix reviews. And it’s not just an Isagenix issue. This is a common phenomenon amongst weight loss shakes and even the best meal replacement shakes because the only tried and true (100% guarantee) method to achieve your body goals is to change your lifestyle (eat healthily, but less, and exercise more).

What most dietary and meal replacement shake reviews should be saying is that their products don’t always work for everyone. Instead, they practically sell skinny in the form of pills and shakes. Here are Isagenix reviews based on traffic and consumer data.

Isagenix Products Highlight In 2021

Demand usually influences the price of a product. Isagenix’s most demanded products seem to be their 9 and 30 days system flush products, closely followed by Isalean shake, then cleanse for life, and Ionix Supreme. This was observed by the number of searches they got. Also, by the rate of price hikes in these products, compared with their other products.


There are two products available in the category of bars. The one is called the whole bar, while the others are called the IsaLean bar. Another bar is called a plant-based bar. The plant-based bar is good for you if you are vegan.


Under the category of shakes, there are five shakes in total. The first one is a whole shake which is called a meal replacement shake. The shake contains a massive amount of minerals as well as a meager amount of fats and carbohydrates.

Other shakes are IsaLean, IsaLean Pro, and super smoothie. All these shakes can be a healthy replacement for snacks in the evenings or between lunch and breakfast. Lastly, there is a plant-based shake. This shake is good for you if you are vegan and do not want any animal-driven products in your shake.

Functional Beverages

A functional beverage of Isagenix contains energy shots, sparkling energy drinks, and Isagenix coffee. All these functional beverages can be suitable replacements for daily caffeine. It may also boost your energy to increase your daily work.

Cleanse & Support

The detox tonic is an essential product under this segment. The cleansing and support refer to the detox products that Isagenix offer. The detox can help you to clean up your body.

Everyday Supplements

Complete essentials with Isagenesis, Complete essential daily pack, essential for men, and essential for women are four products present in the product line of everyday supplements. These supplements are a daily dose of essential minerals and vitamins that one may miss if one is on a diet. The supplements are present in diet packages and aids in the process of weight loss.


The fitness segment has seven different products under its product line. Three of them are pre-workout segments, two can be taken during a workout, one after the workout, and lastly, the product is pure protein. The protein can be taken after a workout for strength and an increase in metabolism. The fitness range has all the products which may boost the workout activity.


The skin segment is a face and body care segment. There is a total of nine products in this segment. Each product has its technical direction of use, and each product is designed for a specialized place and time. These products are day cream, hydrating toner, night cream, Youth serum, eye cream, exfoliating cream, purifying cleanser, and body wash.


The snacks of Isagenix can help big time in the replacement of unhealthy snacks in the daytime and sometimes even for the night. Some of the snacks are snack bites, plant-based harvest thins, bone broth, and super chocolates.


Isagenix also provides you with some of its essential equipment. This equipment is a vortex mixer, blender, and shaker bottle. These can help mix and blend some essential components that can help make your lifestyle and diet easy.

How Do Isagenix Products Compare with Other Similar Products

There are a lot of reviews that you would come across regarding Isagenix products. Suppose we would compare it with the other products. In that case, understandably, the company brings products that are already available in the market. The diet plan and diet products are not new and innovative products. However, the products are a bit more expensive than its competitive products. So, price is usually the basis of comparison.

What Research Says About Isagenix for Weight Loss

There’s no shortage of people happy to sing the praises of the program. When we asked people to contact us with their Isagenix experiences, many said they’d lost weight and had never felt better. However, according to Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist Dr. Alan Barclay, this has more to do with weight loss than anything unique to Isagenix. “People often feel euphoric when they consume low-kilojoule meal replacements due to the rapid weight loss. Losing weight can provide you with the sensation of having more energy – because you have less weight to carry around. It’s very subjective, though.” The other claim is that the program provides “nutritional cleansing” and can “gently rid the body of any potentially harmful impurities.”

Barclay says this is also likely due to the weight loss and that: “There is no evidence to support detox diets. Our bodies naturally detoxify daily.” And despite the testimonials by many who have used the program to achieve significant weight loss – Isagenix’s previous Australia General Manager Angus Love has said in a television interview that the average weight loss on the program is approximately 3.2 kilos.

Can Isagenix Help You to Lose Weight?

There is a lot of conflict on this statement if Isagenix can help in losing weight or not. You will find mixed reviews online. There are a lot of people who say that they did get effective results. On the other hand, Isagenix is not admired a lot by practitioners and dietitians. There is a long list of risks and cons they give while voicing their opinion on the matter.

Isagenix Brand Review

The Benefits You Can Get from Isagenix

There are two main benefits of Isagenix products. The first one is that the product is very convenient in itself. Isagenix makes sure to deliver its diet packages at the doorstep for its customers, making them very easy to obtain. Furthermore, the snack packs and shakes are quite handy. You can obtain the meals in your office and carry them even when you are traveling.

Do Isagenix Products Have Any Side Effects?

There can be several side effects of Isagenix products. Firstly, understand that the supplements and meals of Isagenix are not real food. It is a “food replacement.” So, there are chances that you end up developing some nutritious lacking. Another side effect is the multi-marketing strategy of the company. The company relies on customers to sell its diet plans. This technique is dangerous you would be buying these products based on the opinion which is not coming from professionals.

The food is higher in sugar, so if you have diabetes, this may become another side effect. You would end up getting a high level of blood sugar. Moreover, understand that this diet plan may not be suitable for a long-term period. You may end up not following it as it is not sustainable. Sustainability gets affected because of the price and nature of food replacements it offers.

Customers Opinions of Isagenix Products

Mixed opinions are going on online regarding this diet plan. Some people believe that the diet plan has done wonders for them, while others say it’s a mere waste of money. There is also one big question mark on the reliability of the Isagenix products. A lot of people say that the customers with good reviews are those with a generally low-calorie count. Thus, the positive reviews are all fabricated, and the products do not help in sustainable weight loss.

Where to Buy Isagenix Products

If you are a newbie in using the Isagenix product, you need to contact the reference which referred you to use these products. You can also visit the official website and buy different packages and products by clicking on the “buy now” button. It is requested not to purchase products from a third-party website. The products on the third website may not be the ones you are buying as fake businesses all-around online.

The Bottom Line

The Isagenix products may help you in loss of weight. Understand that the loss of weight would come from unnecessary calories restriction and intermittent fasting. Once you leave it, the weight may come back, and the diet plan may not end up sustainable for you.

We do not recommend you using Isagenix products. They are too expensive to afford for a long time. Moreover, if you still like to make the purchase, we recommend you consult a dietitian first. The nutrition professional may help you find an alternate way, or they may assist you in using these products with a better diet plan for effective results.


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