Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide: All the Tips on How to Buy

There are quite a lot of considerations that come when you decide to buy a kitchen cabinet. The determinants of the size and type of the kitchen cabinet are the appliances that you will store. There are varieties of kitchen tools that you will keep in your kitchen cabinets, such as dishware, pans, and pots. The kitchen cabinet buying guide elaborates all the factors about the size, material, construction size, and budget. Check through this kitchen cabinet buying guide to instill you with real facts on what you need for the best kitchen with everything well planned.

The Eight Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide Tips for You

There are important considerations that you will want to check before you purchase a kitchen cabinet. Check through the tips below so that you don’t regret your purchase.

Three Types of Kitchen Cabinets

First, you should be aware that you will find three types of kitchen cabinets in the market, that is:  

  • Stock cabinets  
  • Custom cabinets  
  • Semi-custom cabinets  

The article explains the three types of custom cabinets below;

Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinets are the most common and readily available kitchen cabinets that you can find. First, you will appreciate the fact that they are inexpensive. Secondly, stock cabinets are also easy to install since most of them are pre-assembled.

When you buy a stock cabinet, you should know that they do not come in many colors. The material options are also not sophisticated like their counterparts. You will also not enjoy the style complexity, for they are simple options meant to fit everyone. With something below 300 dollars, you can be sure to get a good stock cabinet.

Custom Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets get their name from the fact that the designers make them suit your needs. The manufacture will customize them to fit your specific style and size. The custom cabinet will be available in many colors depending on your prevalence, and the features that will not miss out include a coffee station.

The custom cabinet will also have other great features, such as the bun feet. The customer cabinet is very adorable, and it may have some valuable features such as the crown molding. It is often time-consuming to manufacture an accustom cabinet because it focuses on details that fit customers’ orders. Therefore, they are expensive, unlike the stock cabinets, and the price may exceed 500 dollars.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets are among the best cabinet options that you can purchase. The cabinet does resemble a stock cabinet, only that you will have more features that will make it different from the stock cabinet.

The semi-custom cabinet will allow you to define your style and how you will want to use it for storage. Here you will be able to alter the drawer dimensions.

It is Prudent to Seek Advice When Selecting a Kitchen Cabinet.

Deciding what you want for your kitchen is not that simple. First, you will need to consider your kitchen space and the shortcomings of your current kitchen cabinet. The kitchen cabinet buying guide highlights the need to be sure of the width and height of the cabinet you want. Sometimes, it may be a challenge for you to choose; therefore, it won’t be a bad idea if you seek experts’ assistance. Experts will decide the best cabinet for you when you have your goals set right.

Types of Cabinet Styles

As mentioned above, the cabinets’ types do vary when it comes to style. The kitchen cabinet buying guide will deliberate on framed and frameless cabinets. Understanding the two cabinets’ styles will help you to choose the best that will suit your needs.

Framed Cabinets  

Framed cabinets will have face frames where it will be easier to attach the box-cabinet. The face frames are sturdy to support the box cabinets that will fix it. The face frames also offer reinforcement for the kitchen cabinet doors and the drawers. Designers of Framed cabinets are always careful to make the boxes to be thinner to fit small spaces.

Frameless Cabinets

As the name suggests, these kitchen cabinets have frames, but they have thick cabinet boxes that will allow the drawers and the kitchen cabinet doors to attach. You can choose many options from; the plywood options, particleboard, and many others. To get a thicker one, you can consider the frameless cabinets made of plywood.

You need to assess the model of the cabinets.

Here you will be checking the model that makes up the shelves, drawers, doors, and cabinets.

What to check in drawers

When you are checking the drawers, you need to be keen on the material that makes them. Solid wood is more admirable than the others. It will be profitable to choose something that will allow the ball bearings to slide smoothly. You will also need to check the dovetail joints and check if any will hold the drawers together. Finally, the best drawer will need to use sturdy wood with grooves to join them together than the wood they use glue to fix them.

What to check in Box and doors

The boxes and doors in your kitchen cabinets are vital. First, you need to be sure if it has solid-wood panels. Doors and Boxes will need to support heavyweight even when you have lots of appliances in your cabinet. Plywood is a good option but may not be the best considering what the boxes and doors go through.

Your frameless cabinet box will need to have sufficient thickness that will allow the door to connect for at least half an inch. Your kitchen cabinet door should also open easily. The thick ends are crucial because it will determine how long it will last. Thinner materials such as plywood or particleboard will not be good enough since it will sag when the weights increase.

Notably, to get the best quality kitchen cabinet, you will need to pay a higher price. The price that you pay will reflect the quality of the kitchen cabinet that you will get. You can still get a quality kitchen cabinet at a budget-friendly price if you are careful enough to choose the best.

Options of Door Overlay

How does your cabinet doors appear? Do you love the way it covers your front sides of your cabinet? The door overlay is an important consideration that you will want to be careful of. There are two types of door overlay that are the traditional overlay and full overlay.

Traditional Overlay

The most popular types of door overlay are the traditional type. It shows up some parts of the face of the cabinet up to an inch. The area that it shows is sometimes known as the reveal.

A Full Overlay

The full overlay is a common feature in the frameless cabinets. The kitchen cabinet buying guide highlights its importance in a frameless kitchen cabinet, though it can work with other cabinets. The type of door overlay allows the cabinet doors to fit together and covers all the edges. The full overlay design gives it a more appealing appearance and explains why it is a bit expensive and less common among many people.

Cabinet Accessories

The kitchen cabinet buying guide elaborates on the best features that come first when choosing what to have in your kitchen. Those features are not enough. There are other relevant add-ons that you may want to consider.

First, you can improve your kitchen cabinet’s style by using glass doors that will be appealing to the eye. How the interior and exterior will appear is solely your decision. You can finish the exterior sides to resemble the interiors or even decide to mix up things. Cheap kitchen cabinets may not have that attractive look, but you can always make them look nice.

Secondly, you will need something that will please you in your side views. What if you place the plate holders to face the front or at the sides of your dinnerware? Customizing it to make it appealing is all you want, so don’t limit your possibilities.

Finally, you may wish to add that decorative features. Yes, start by using down-lit glass shelves. When you use this, it will be shining when you have a spotlight around it. The faux furniture legs will also add to the beauty of your cabinet, for it will appear like a free-standing jewel!

Be sure to be creative enough to make things look better with your kitchen cabinet. There are lots of kitchen cabinets which come in different colors. A black kitchen cabinet is available, though it will fit a bright room. White kitchen cabinets are so popular, and they are more attractive than the blue kitchen cabinets! Though the decision is solely yours in colors, you should always try to get something to please you.

KItchen Cabinet

Cabinet Hardware and Countertops

The kitchen cabinet hardware is yet an important consideration that many people overlook. How the designers work on the hardware depends on the style and the ease of use. First, it will be a milestone to define your needs and the aesthetic value you will want to have in your kitchen cabinet.

Notably, the countertop is your working space, and therefore, you will need to pay more attention to the material that makes it. It is important to note that every kitchen countertop does have its material make. It is your responsibility to choose a suitable material that will suit your needs. The material makes do have varying prices, and your budget will determine the options you will be choosing.

The Budget

Now that you know the types of kitchen cabinets available, the function will determine the budget you will set. It may be unrealistic to set a low price budget, and you expect something that will fulfill all your requirements. It is important to note that good things come with a price and therefore, the best kitchen cabinet will also want you to spend money.

Considering the purpose is a vital factor that will guide you when setting the money aside. If you intend to sell your apartment, it won’t be a good idea to get an expensive kitchen cabinet. For those who are building a dream house, then for sure, you will need to get the best for your lifetime. Set a realistic budget to get the best kitchen cabinet that will serve in all circumstances. Notably, you may opt for outdoor kitchen cabinets or an indoor kitchen cabinet, but be sure that the price you are paying is cost-effective.

So, Where Can You Buy Kitchen Cabinets?

Are you now curious, and you want to purchase the best kitchen cabinet? The kitchen cabinet buying guide will highlight for you the places that will deliver the best for you! Kitchen cabinets for sale are everywhere, and you only need to choose the best dealer.

Are there any kitchen cabinets near me? First, you should note that the kitchen cabinet dealers are everywhere. You can get a kitchen cabinet from a lumberyard, home improvement service dealers, showrooms, and kitchen appliance stores. Notably, how they deal with them will vary, and some even will sell the through the controlled outlets.

So how can you get started? First, you need to find the dealers’ locations in your area, after which you request referrals. It is not hard locating a kitchen cabinet service. All you need to do is to contact them. You can do this by consulting from the national kitchen and Bath association.

There are many cabinet styles that you can select from, especially if you can access IKEA services from your area. Delivery is easy, and all you need to do is be smart enough to arrange with a contractor who will package it for you together to reduce the delivery expenses.

Many people do make mistakes when they purchase kitchen cabinet appliances without seeking assistance from expert dealers. If you are sure of what you want, then go on with purchasing, but if you think you are just confused, it will be wise to seek assistance. You are investing, and it becomes quite regrettable when you buy something that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Worth noting is the fact that some dealers have embraced technology. Notably, the dealer will accord you with all other standard services you expect, plus helping you ensure that you are getting what you want using a computerized system. The computerized design services will help you sketching your kitchen to help the dealer visualize your finished kitchen.

You will also need to contact the installation service when you buy your kitchen cabinet. Of course, you may be an expert yourselves, and you won’t have issues with installation, but what if you are a beginner? It is not easy to do this. A Professional will help you to discharge the installation process with expertise.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, the kitchen cabinet buying guide is beneficial for all people wishing to buy a kitchen cabinet. It is a milestone when you know the details you will be focusing on before deciding to buy a kitchen cabinet.

You deserve a good kitchen cabinet. Therefore, you don’t need to do guesswork. Everything is improving everywhere, not leaving behind the kitchen. There has been speculation that the Dark kitchen cabinets are becoming outdated, but again, it is your prevalence that will decide if something is out of fashion or not. Be sure to choose the best based on what best fits your kitchen.


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