Publishing in the Internet Era

How Publishing Is Surviving In The Era of The Internet

Technology is one of the most potent discoveries humans have archive so far. Approximately 5 billion of the world population owns mobile devices, and 50% of this figure are smartphones. If you consider the world population of 7.594 billion (2018), it’s clear that many people currently have access to the internet. Many types of research carried out indicates how Publishing in the Internet Era has significantly been affected. Many publishing companies have suffered a significant loss, while others are thriving.

The Internet era is a blessing to many of us, as it’s easier to access content anywhere and anytime. On the contrary, many companies that relied on traditional means of broadcasting information have been affected. Newspapers, books, and magazines are losing their taste gradually, and soon, people will migrate to digital print options like kindle offered by Amazon. So, let’s find out how much the publishing sector has been affected by the Internet Era.

How Publishing Is Surviving In The Era of The Internet

There was a debate about whether the sending of letters would stop after the invention of phones. However, there are still people who value written letters as a means of communication. Although many people prefer using electronic devices to send messages, many still forget that writing messages on social media are a form of writing. The only difference is that they are using electronic media. If given a chance, many would still love to write letters. The only change with letters is that it takes time to get delivered; thus, the modern means of communication is a great invention so, if we analyze the future for Publishing in the Internet Era.

Can Magazines Survive The Internet Era? 

For several years now, magazine publishers have been feeling the public with information about their lifestyles. Politics, business, sports, and lifestyle are among the top sections attracting many magazine readers. Statistically, 51% of the US population enjoy reading print magazines, but the number keeps reducing as the internet era takes its course. Currently, only 23% of the population read print magazines. Many companies have been using print magazines to advertise their business that attracting customers from all over. Conde Nast, which is amongst the best biggest magazine publisher, spent $500M on the digital initiative to remain vibrant in the magazine industry. However, this move reduced the revenue as they offered some free service to attract their customers.

Recovering from the changes made many workers lose their jobs and the company to lose revenues. They had to shut down some of their brands. Magazine publisher relies on two sources of revenue; circulation and ad revenues. When business put their adverts in the magazine, they pay for it. Also, people subscribe to printed magazines, and every sale they make means a lot. Now, here comes the challenge: a magazine publisher has already shifted to the Internet Era and already offering news and information in the form of digital content. Some people are still loyal to print magazines and can pay anything to see it retain its dominance. Can magazine publishing survive in the Internet Era because there are still people loyal to print magazines?

Secondly, subscribing to print magazines can be quite expensive, and the monthly payments may exceed that of print magazines. Even though it’s easy to browse through online magazine news, not many people are conversant with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Can Newspapers Survive In The Internet Era?

As the top media companies stumble due to the economic crisis and Internet Era, saving newspapers is necessary. As such, many discussions on ways to keep the industry running have been a concern to many. The ushering of the Internet Era has been a blessing to many media companies and a blow journalism profession. Ironically, Online media has enabled journalists to carry out additional research, but many have also lost their jobs. So, the Internet Era is like a double-edged sword with a curse and a blessing. If the Internet era happens to affect journalism, then we may have an ill-informed society. It’s comfortable and practical to check facts and opinions through blogs, but it is incomparable to the original reporting we see in newspapers. Blog post hinders democracy as it eliminates a crucial part of checks and balances.

Since the ushering of the internet Era, many have developed two main concerns; How Newspapers Survive in the Internet Era? Does society need newspapers? Blogs and mainstream media are ideal when they complement each other. Otherwise, the blogosphere can be a source of unconfirmed rumors that can eld the whole society. How a newspaper can survive in the Internet Era is affected by how responsive the concerned people are. In fact, with mainstream media, you can get ideal information whenever you need it without spending a lot. We also have to admit that most media coverage is mostly affected by liberal politics; thus, some journalists may not cover some news. The journalist doesn’t cover some news because they lack objective but have cultural milieu influences that affect how they perceive their goals.

Newspapers Survive In The Internet Era

Moreover, some facts clearly show the biases in media coverage as most of the time. They cover icon figures. However, they ignore the more critical topics like global warming, homelessness, domestic violence, among other social injustices. In many cases, News corporations thrived due to the sports news and another classified advertisement from big and small companies. On the other hand, many companies are using social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to advertise their business. This is a blow to the newspaper industry as the source of revenue from these companies reduce drastically. Without a purpose, a business can’t survive. However, we have seen solutions where not-profit programs have been launched to support news analysis and investigative reporting.

Professional journalists still have a very critical role in our society. In fact, with their knowledge, they can help gather the best news to ensure credibility. However, the news doesn’t have to come in the traditional newspaper form. The news can cover quite a broad scope. Many web surfers always enjoy free online content. Creating an online newspaper at some cost may not be a good idea. But with reasonable charges and contents, people can still pay for online newspapers. So, if we are to analyze the future of Newspaper Publishing in the Internet Era, then setting some guiding rules is necessary to revive save media industry. But if broadcasting cooperation decides to release news on a specific media outlet portal at a specified cost, it can thrive.

Can  Books Survive In The Digital Age? 

Books have come along way, and there is still hope that they will survive the Digital Age. The first-ever printed book was known as “The Epic of Gilgamesh,” which told the story of iconic political figures in history. Late in 1454, Johannes Gutenburg, a German, build a printing press (movable type), which was the first of its kind. From there, things change, and people were able to print books.  “Gutenberg Bible” was the first book Johannes Gutenburg printed using this machine. After that, other companies invented several printers, and that’s the time become essential. So, is there hope for book Publishing in the Internet Era? Suppose you want to pick four books from your local library, what is will be their weight? If you are to find content in “Thomas Calculus, 14th Edition”, how long will you spend perusing through the pages?

Well, our point is that print books are ideal because you can own them and make your home library look ideal. But they cost too much and occupies a lot of space. Browsing content isn’t that easy, even with the table of contents. The Digital Age has made it easy for authors and writers to produce eBooks. With a single click, you can download a 1000 page book and have it on your smartphone or PC.  So, the books have a long way to go, and probably in the coming 25 years, they may not survive. But also, some still enjoy holding books in their hand and reading them. So, it’s never clear if books will become extinct.

The Bottom Line 

The Future of Publishing in the Internet Era is very confusing. Many companies have lost their fame, and others have risen to the occasion. The only secrete of book, newspaper, and magazine publishing in the Internet Era is to embrace the technology and strategize your way out. With online content, many people can access your work globally. In conclusion, the internet has made it easy, and it promises a promising future for writers as they can still work as freelancers.