Copper and Zinc

TruVision: Helping Us Strike the Right Copper and Zinc Balance

A rather odd fact about human biology is that the amount of a given mineral the body requires often does not correlate with how important it is to it. This is what makes it possible for us to find ourselves at nutritional deficits even when we believe we’re eating a healthy, balanced diet. The most affected demographic is, unfortunately, our children – the very ones that need all their nutrients the most as they grow. Thankfully, TruVision has availed itself to the challenge by presenting us with supplements designed to balance out our daily requirements of vital nutrients. This article reviews on Copper and Zinc balance in TruVision Health which you must know.

The Copper and Zinc Question

After Calcium and Magnesium, Zinc and Copper might be considered the essential minerals in the human body, and rightfully so. They each have an indispensable role to play in our bodies.


Many might wonder to hear Copper is essential to us. The mind automatically thinks of electrical wiring and old kitchenware when they hear the word. In truth, Copper is critical to the formation of circulatory system components. The biological process that strengthens the heart muscles and enables the appearance of veins and collagen relies on Copper. It might be referred to as the ‘glue’ that holds us together. In addition to this, it is necessary for energy production in cell mitochondria and plays a role in the transmission of messages from our brains to the rest of the body.

When it comes to Copper, we’re a little lucky in that it’s readily available in many of the foods we regularly eat, such as chocolate, mushrooms, lentils, wheat, and many more. A daily recommended Copper intake would be about 0.9mg, with the average adult taking in more than this, though anything above 10mg would be overdoing it. The majority of supplements on the market today contain a Copper content of approximately 2mg.


Zinc has its own set of roles to play in our bodies. For one, it makes up a significant component of male ejaculate fluid, which is why Zinc is so often prescribed for adult males at risk of prostate issues. Most prostate formulas will contain about 25mg of Zinc, although if you take more than 40mg in a single day, you should be prepared to have a wrong time. In addition to this, it has a big part to play in the regulation of enzyme activity. Night blindness and obscurity of the cornea are also attributable to Zinc deficiencies.

Zinc deficiency is more of a genetic condition than anything else, contrary to the theories we held in the past. It comes hand-in-hand with other diminished capacities as poor hearing and a weak sense of smell. For children, Zinc supplementation is advisable from an early age whenever possible.

Just over two decades ago, it wouldn’t have been too challenging to locate cases of Copper and Zinc toxicity cases from an overabundance of them in people’s bodies, but the reverse is true today. Cases of deficiency are the norm. Supplements came in to bridge the gap for us, but even those who took them often didn’t stick to the recommended dosage indicated. What TruVision does for us is to make things simpler by fitting all we need in just two pills.

Finding the Copper and Zinc Balance

As we’ve seen, a deficiency in either of these two minerals can be just as detrimental to our bodies’ healthy functioning as an overabundance. This is where the challenge lies for most of us looking to find the right balance, and the reason we have to be careful when all the supplement companies out there are pushing their products on us. Always be sure to carefully read the labels of anything you put into your body.

The good news here is that the problem of correct dosage ratios has been solved for us. We can get adequate mineral quantities from the two supplements in TruVision Health. One (TruFix) contains Chlorogenic acid, Copper, and Zinc, while the other (TruControl) contains B6 and an extract of green tea. These supplements will work towards promoting fat breakdown, calcium retention, regulation of blood sugar levels, as well as providing a boost to your metabolism. Give them a good look – your body will thank you for it.