SkinnyMint Review

SkinnyMint Review: The Best Weight Loss Tea In The Market

SkinnyMint is a company that is based on 3 continents. The main office for this company is situated in Singapore back in Asia. Europe’s office is situated in London. This company came into the market back in 2014 and has been operating from that time up to date. As per this company, their weight-loss tea aims at detoxifying the user which later leads to weight loss. Users of the SkinnyMint tea need to take at least a cup in the morning and another cup later in the evening for 2 days only. Looking at the formulation of this product closely, SkinnyMint’s morning tea contains high laxative & caffeine content. The digestive & laxative contents are present in the evening tea.

What is SkinnyMint Tea?

SkinnyMint is a simply detoxifying tea brand that similarly helps in burning fat. The product also claims to begin the trend for weight loss with its 2-step Teatox. The company also offers 2 Teatox packages which are the 14-days and the 28-days package. Every package comprises of the Morning Boost tea & the Night Cleanse tea. All these tea types make use of natural ingredients like the peppermint, Guarana, green tea among others. The production of this tea is in Germany where these ingredients are well- selected and blended. It’s packaging also takes place in Germany.

SkinnyMint Tea Ingredients

  • Green Tea Leaves
  • Yerba Mate Leaves
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Dandelion
  • Guarana
  • Senna Leaves
  • Psyllium Seed
  • Ginger Root
  • Licorice Root
  • Peppermint Leaves

SkinnyMint Tea Price

If you are curious about the price and the accessibility of this tea, you will be happy to realize that the product is readily available from online retailers like Amazon. As we said earlier, the detox tea is available in 2 packages which are the 14-day and the 28-day packages. It is wise to go for the 28-day package (42 tea bags) which roughly goes for $44.56.

SkinnyMint Tea Flavors

In just a single word, we can term the SkinnyMint tea flavors as awesome. When the tea was being designed, manufacturers did not just come up with the best detox tea. They also made sure that the taste is very yummy so that the consumers can enjoy the taste of the tea. The Morning Boost tea has a fresh, tropical & fruity flavor. Dandelion leaf & Guarana seeds were combined to make the tea fresh and yummy. The Night Cleanse, on the other hand, tastes so fresh & earthy due to the lemongrass, ginger as well as the orange leaves.

Benefits of SkinnyMint Tea 

  • Tried and Tested

SkinnyMint tea is acclaimed to be among the top detox teas in the market for weight loss. It has therefore received so many remarkable reviews across the globe from customers who have already used it. This product is, therefore, an effective and safe way through which you can shed the extra pounds.

  • Makes Use of Natural Ingredients

All the products of SkinnyMint have been made with natural ingredients only to lower the side effects. If you train yourself to use teas which are comprised of chemicals, the long run results might be harmful to the body. The product is also available in yummy flavors making the detoxification process much easier.

  • Readily Available Products

It is very easy to access SkinnyMint products as they are readily available from online retailers. The products are also available at very competitive prices. This makes it easier for customers to access these products according to their convenience. Free shipping is also available across the globe.

  • Simple to Lose Weight

The process of losing weight has been made easy with SkinnyMint tea. The program has been divided into two where there is the night cleanse tea and the morning boost. The latter is meant to give you some boost during the day while the night cleanses tea will keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Potential Side Effects of SkinnyMint Tea

Although SkinnyMint has been made using natural ingredients, there is a group of people who would not tolerate these ingredients. Some might have strong allergic reactions to these ingredients. The good thing is that this product warns consumers to check their ingredients to determine whether they will be ideal for them. People who are sensitive to caffeine are likely to be dissatisfied with the product since the caffeine content in Morning Boost tea ranges around 80%.

The night cleanse tea, on the other hand, comprises orange leaves and peppermint all of which boost the detoxification process. However, this tea also comprises senna leaves which might not have any effects on individuals. Some users have however complained of side effects such as;

  • Severe cramping
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration dizziness

What Users are Saying

When you read what user s are saying about this product, you will absolutely love this product. There are so many testimonials that the SkinnyMint tea works wonders although it is not a weight loss supplement. What users of this product claim are that there was reduced bloating with SkinnyMint tea which later leads to weight loss. This tea is very delicious according to customers which gave them an energy burst especially in the morning.

Bottom Line

SkinnyMint tea is basically a beverage which is used in relieving bloat and aid indigestion. Although SkinnyMint tea has been designed for the above reasons, you will also experience weight loss after using the product. However, if you are looking to shed extra pounds effectively, using this product solely will not help. A weight management plan involves diet, exercise as well as using the correct supplement which fit your needs. All in all, in case you wish, try out the SkinnyMint Tea, you will be amazed to realize that there are so many positive reviews as well as celebrity endorsements for this product. Although the brand doesn’t offer any free trial, they offer a 30% off when you buy. Just ensure to keep your weight loss goals realistic.


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