CBD Cream review

What is Topical Cream? A Beginner’s Guide

It is a known fact that CBD is currently everywhere. It is possible to eat it, drink it, vape it, and even bathe in CBD. And even though there’s yet so much to learn about the fascinating compound, its fans claim that it has several impressive benefits especially when it comes to managing pain. As we have mentioned, the research behind such claims is very sparse if we can say the least. This is the reason why you need to acquaint yourself with enough knowledge before experimenting with CBD cream. In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about topical CBD.

What is Topical Cream?

This ointment is normally made by infusing some high-quality cannabis flowers into some quality oil such as coconut or olive oil. That will extract the active compounds be it CBD, THC, or even both based on the hemp used. This oil will later be blended with some other therapeutic herbs such as arnica or lemongrass which are known for their pain-relieving properties.

Does CBD Cream Actually Work?

Nowadays, there are topical products with CBD. That is why you will get to enjoy CBD lotion as well as CBD cream for pain. Salves and serums happen to be the recent trend in and skin and overall healthcare. However, one question that most people ask is whether CBD products actually work.

Although the answer is not yet clear, some people find pain relief from these products. Additionally, it’s actually a buyer-beware experience. This is mainly due to the booming of CBD-containing products which might not have the exact contents as per the adverts.

The Scientific Studies Involved

A study analysis actually confirms that the topical use of specific cannabinoid topicals might lower pain in animals suffering from inflammation or some neuropathic pain after a drug test (learn about if it is Possible For CBD To Show Up During A Drug Test by visiting this page). Science has actually found that topical creams containing THC and CBD might help to relieve pain for conditions such as multiple sclerosis. However, for chronic pain-and certainly acute pain such as post-workout- scientific research is completely still out. There are minimal data supporting CBD for relieving pain. However, going from animals to humans has been a huge leap.

Should I Use CBD Cream?

So do you really need to buy CBD? All experts agree that not unless there is enough research, all the claims being made are nothing but marketing hypes that aren’t evidence-based. That does not however mean that the CBD-infused creams will never reduce acute pain or sore muscles. Of course, that is evidenced by the analgesic compounds comprised in these creams such as menthol, camphor, and even capsaicin. This therefore to some extent gives you hope to try these products out for pain relief.

CBD Cream review

CBD Cream: A Drug or Myth?

Topical CBD products might help handle pain or inflammation at a particular part of the body like the joints. This product will never enter your bloodstream. This, therefore, implies that topical CBD products are not made to address the systemic problems of your body. As opposed to that, it helps after being applied directly to your skin. A reliable topical CBD product will not only mask pain or your inflammation the same way the OTC topical pain-relieving creams do. They can make the pain go away for some duration of time.

Risks and What to Consider

The FDA does not approve CBD oil as of now to be used in treating arthritis. The sole use in which CBD has actually received approval from the FDA is in the treatment of 2 rare and severe kinds of epilepsy. This approval was actually given in the month of June 2018.

CBD has been legalized in some of the states in the United States, but not every state. For this reason, people are encouraged to check the laws in the area they reside in before they can order or think of using CBD oil. Some individuals might have allergic reactions to CBD oil. It is therefore good to start with a small part of the skin to see how it works for you. Just as is the case for any other alternative treatment, individuals are required to consult with their doctor before trying to use CBD oil.

Bottom Line

CBD oil has continued showing some promise as far as treating arthritis pain is concerned. When it affects the receptors in your brain as well as the immune system the way in which researchers believe, CBD cream will lower inflammation and pain. All the same, more studies are needed before researchers can really say with full certainty that CBD oil will be an effective treatment for your arthritis pain.


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