Whole Body Workout

Whole Body Workout: Best 16 Exercise Routines For Holistic Fitness

Introducing a whole-body workout routine to your schedule will be a win for health and fitness. You may be wondering how best you can perform this without interfering with your daily plans. Notably, some workouts are simple, and you can manage them at home, while others will need an expert who will guide you through them. Find out about the best whole-body workout routines that can help you attain the fitness that you deserve below.

What Science Says About Full-Body Workouts

Many studies about full-body workouts are available, and the results they are giving are impressive. Lifting weights as part of the whole-body workout routine elevates the protein synthesis in the muscles. It explains why people who always participate in heavy weight lifting have strong muscles. It makes it an excellent option for muscle building.

Indulging in a full-body workout routine will accord you with intense bench press sets, which is best for fitness. A whole-body workout gives you a full dose, after which you rest as your weight for the next exercise. Here, you will not need to wait for a week but do it when you are ready to go.

Finally, science agrees that a whole-body exercise routine does influence people positively. Here, you will be lifting weights only three times a week. You have limited time to do a whole-body workout, hence raising your enthusiasm, and therefore, you can expect an intense process once you are on it. The process makes you more focused on yielding better results.

16 Best Whole Body Workout Routines

You may have come across many confusing pieces on the internet that attempts to deliberate on what should be the best fitness exercises! You don’t deserve that hassle. The article talks about 16 full-body workout routines that will make your fitness goals to be achievable.


Deadlifts workouts happen to be the number one whole body workout routine for your fitness. You only need to follow simple steps to exercise this workout;

How to Do It

It is simple. The first start by squatting and grasping a barbell. Ensure that you hold a barbell at a width close to your shoulder. While maintaining your chest at an upper position, pull your shoulders back and keep lifting the bar as you look straight ahead. The bar should always stay close to your body as you take it closer to your heels for the best results. Keep lifting it to the thighs level and d it repeatedly for best results.

Kettlebell Swings

The Kettlebell swing workout is among the excellent whole-body workout routines that you don’t want to miss. It will accord you with the best fitness results.

How to Do It

The steps are simple. First, your Kettlebell should be some feet away from where you stand. Now, standing with your feet, bend your knees to lean forward to allow you to grab the handle with both hands. Here, your feet should stand at a slightly wider length than the shoulder width.

Engage your lats to allow you to pull the weight between your legs while being careful not to swing too deep. You swing your hips forward while pulling the Kettlebell up to the shoulder length. Ensure that the hands are straight in front of you. Return to the starting position and repeat the process.

Dumbbell Thrusters

How to Do It

Using dumbbell thrusters for whole body workout is a venture for best fitness goals. Here you will need to hold two dumbbells by their handles. Makes sure that the dumbbell weight rests above the back of your shoulder. Now, slightly bend your knees and squat. Make sure that you do this while keeping the legs in line with your shoulders.

Now drive through your legs as you straighten them. You will want to raise the dumbbells above your head by extending your arms to make it possible to raise the dumbbells. Now squat down and repeat the whole process.


How to Do It

The workout routine is simple, and you can achieve it with your body. Start by squatting down from a standing position until your thighs arrive at a parallel posture to the floor. Now place your palms on the floor and, retaining your hands at an extended position, kick your feet back. Once the feet land, jump them back towards your hand and then jump back to the air. Finally, land and repeat the process.

Renegade Row

Everyone can do a renegade row workout. It is among the easy full-body workout routines that you can do at home.

How to Do It

First, take your body to a press-up position, keeping your hands on the handles of the two dumbbells. Now row the right dumbbell up to the abs ensuring that you keep the core tense. Return to the start position. Repeat the same process with your left dumbbell. Doing this will complete one rep. For a better balance, your feet should be wider apart than the normal press-up position.

Bear Crawls

Bear crawl workout is yet another impressive yet results in an oriented workout routine that you can rely on for holistic fitness.

How to Do It

You can achieve the bear crawl by assuming a press-up position. Your knees should stay bent at a 90-degree angle. Keep your knees elevated. Now brace your abs while keeping the lower back fixed at a point. Do not allow it to rise.

Maintain the contraction for the entire time during the starting. Now walk the right hand and also the left foot. It should move a few inches. Pause it, after which you return to the starting position again.


Every excellent workout routine piece must touch on the squad workout! Why, because it is a simple workout that you can do wherever you are. The training requires mobility. Doing squats will effectively build your lower body parts. It improves the strengths of the arm string, quads, and also the calves. The movement is challenging during the early stages, but it becomes much more comfortable as you get used to it.

Bench Press

Doing a bench press workout is a simple way to be efficient in fitness and exercise. The bench press is best for tuning the chest muscles, triceps, and shoulders. You only need to perfect the movement to help gain the momentum to be efficient in all these movements.

Overhead Press

Including an overhead press workout in your routine is a milestone for holistic fitness since it is a practical workout plan. Overhead press trains the vertical push movement pattern. To efficiently perform the overhead press, you need sufficient stability. The exercise strengthens the shoulder muscles and triceps. Overhead press workout targets the proper development of the shoulders and the growth of muscles.


One of the best whole-body workouts at home is the step-ups workout. Step-ups needs very little space to do it, and they are beneficial when it comes to strengthening the legs and the core muscles. Steps ups will help you in improving endurance while ensuring that your heart rate also works properly.

Doing step-ups isn’t very challenging. You only need to stand on an elevated surface. You will then pull the shoulders back and then keep your abs tight. Now set your left foot at the box, and then you step to the top of the box, ensuring that the feet stay flat. Step back with the same leg, and then do it again with your right leg.


A Pull-ups workout is among the best exercise routines that will tune your upper body. It is an effective workout for your shoulders, arms, and back. The workout routine has scientific backing to tuning the core hence making it the best. Doing pull-ups isn’t very challenging. Both men and women can practice it.


Hip Dip workout is among the best whole body workout routines that will be best for triceps, chest, shoulders, and abs.

How to Do It

Set parallel bars, then stand between them. Hold the bars and then straighten your arms. When you are ready, raise yourself from the ground as you slightly cross your legs. Lower yourself down again while ensuring that the chest stays at the upper position keeping the elbows parallel to the floor. Do the process repeatedly. If you want to modify your dips position, then elevate your feet or even use a bench. You will still achieve your target if you are a beginner.


Handstand workout is the best routines that many people overlook. It helps in releasing stress while also ensuring that you stay fit. It is easy to do. All you need to do is to place both your hands on the floor. You will then jump up and control your balance with your hands. Ensure that you are doing it on a smooth surface. It will help you when you fall. You then slowly lower yourself down with control. Some people can modify the handstands. You can do it while facing the wall or facing away from the wall. They’re all perfect as long as you achieve your goals.

Box Jumps

Box jumps workout will help you build your lower body strength. They are the best exercises for people preparing for any sports that involve jumping. The box jumps also help you burn more calories and improves heart rate speed.

You will need to stand in front of a box or any sturdy raised surface. Jump up onto the box. Ensure that you are landing with both your feet, then jump back from the box to the floor. Do it repeatedly for the best results.

Jump Lunges

Jump lunges workout is among the best whole-body exercise routines that will exercise your legs while also getting your heart rate to run faster. It is an excellent full-body conditioning exercise that will upgrade your balancing skills.

To do it, you need to stand at a lunge position. The knees should come close to the floor. Now, jump up explosively while switching the legs. Make sure that your rear legs are in the front while the front legs are in the backside. Repeat the process faster for the best fitness results.


Bicycle kick workout will be an effective way to target your abs. People practicing bicycle workouts do enjoy workout results. The exercise tunes every muscle in the body. Doing a bicycle workout routine is very easy due to its simple steps. First, lie on the floor, then bring the knees close to the chest. You will then straighten the right leg while twisting the whole of your body. Twist your body ass you pull the right elbow towards the left knee. Do it repeatedly in a cycling motion until you are sure it is time to rest.

What are the Benefits of Whole-Body Workout Routines?

Doing a whole-body workout routine is quite beneficial. Here are the five leading benefits you get when you embark on a serious whole-body workout routine.

Helps You Burn More Calories Efficiently

When you do compound body exercises, it becomes easier to burn more calories efficiently. Whole-body workout routines make it possible to burn more calories because it touches on many muscles in the body that will need energy for them to work. It can be great for people who need to lose some weight.

Build More Muscle

A full-body workout is a great way to build your muscles. The training targets all muscles in the body, and hence, you will be doing this at least 3 times a week, which saves on time! You can bank on this to grow your muscles in terms of weight and strength!

Increase Strength

Notably, the whole-body workout routines will need persistency and energy to discharge. You can increase the energy supply to your muscle. If you can manage the exercises for a month. Lifting heavy weight will make your muscles accustomed to a heavy object. It then helps you develop the energy that will gather for your energy requirements during exercises.

Maximize Workout Efficiency

The workout routines are like whole-body workout machines. Rather than focusing on exercises that target specific regions in your body, it becomes quite efficient to do all this in one exercise routine! It is a milestone to maximize workout efficiency without having to dedicate all your time to exercises.

Have Greater Flexibility

Best whole-body workout routines also help in creating greater flexibility. If you learn to train the whole body with a single integrated exercise, it means that you can achieve your fitness goals without interfering with your daily job routines. Therefore, doing this is a great way to achieve fitness goals while also being productive in all you do. Whole-body exercise will accord you great convenience even you are traveling, working, or even when you are working on a tight schedule.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, it becomes imperative to maximize the whole-body workouts that will accord you great bodybuilding potentials. Notably, the workout routines are very reachable, and more so, flexible. It is what everyone needs since everyone does not have all the time to spend in the gym!